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simphone 0.8.1


<h3 id="features-not-currently-implemented-in-simphone-but-planned-for-the-future">Features not currently implemented in Simphone but planned for the future:</h3>
<li>File transfer (scheduled to release as version 0.9.1)</li>
<li>Emoticons in chat</li>
<li>HTML chat with in-line pictures</li>
<li>Encrypted chat history</li>
<li>Optionally synchronize chat history between multiple computers</li>
<li>Triple encryption</li>
<li>Key revocation</li>
<li>Spam prevention (captcha)</li>
<li>User pictures (avatars)</li>
<li>Send contacts to another contact</li>
<li>Improve the GUI and add &quot;drag and drop&quot;</li>
<li>Translation and localization</li>
<li>Support iOS and Android</li>
<li>Screen sharing</li>
<li>Port forwarding (optional intranet/internet connection sharing)</li>
<li>Publish content to own contacts (virtual web server?)</li>
<li>Better connectivity from behind corporate firewalls</li>
<li>Offline message delivery</li>
<li>Group chat and audio conferences</li>
<li>Video calls</li>
<p>If you would like to work on some of these or other features, or if you want to request another feature, please contact us.</p>
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