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2011-03-01 21:14
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2009-11-04 05:08
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2014-06-30 07:57
On Linux (Ubuntu 14.04), this code hangs after "got contact list" is printed: package skype; import
2010-05-22 14:46
In constructor I added exception message printing (please add that in your code also) System.err.p...
2010-05-22 14:14
(None) uses '~' a few times, i.e: File frameworkLocationHome = new File("~/Library/Frameworks/Skype.frame...
2010-05-22 14:11
In OSX's searchString is not passed along to extractFromJarZip... and extractFromJarUsing... In...
2006-05-22 08:13
call.getStatus() not working. TimeOut Exception is thrown. This bug is found in the lastest version from CVS jp.s...

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