# this file has been created automatically.
# Edit orig/common.conf orig/ to change this file.

# awffull-common.conf - common settings for OSDN sites

#OutputDir		/home/osdn/htdocs/awffull/

Incremental		yes
#TrackPartialRequests	no
#FlagsLocation		flags
YearlySubtotals		yes
GMTTime			yes

PageType		htm
PageType		html
PageType		shtml
PageType		cgi
PageType		pl

TopSites		30
TopKSites		0
AllSites		no
TopURLs			10
TopKURLs		0
AllURLs			yes
TopEntry		0
TopExit			0
TopReferrers		30
AllReferrers		no
TopAgents		10
AllAgents		yes
TopSearch		30
AllSearchStr		no
TopUsers		0
AllUsers		no
Top404Errors		10
All404Errors		yes
TopCountries		0
CountryGraph		no

GraphIndexX		900
GraphIndexY		420

# Search Engines
SearchEngine		google.		q=
SearchEngine		yahoo.		p=
SearchEngine		msn.		q=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine	q=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine		q=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine		hotbot.		query=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine	MT=
SearchEngine		infoseek.	qt=
SearchEngine	query=
SearchEngine		search.		q=

# Mobile:
GroupAndHideAgent	DoCoMo/		Mobile: DoCoMo
GroupAndHideAgent	KDDI-		Mobile: KDDI
GroupAndHideAgent	UP.Browser/	Mobile: KDDI
GroupAndHideAgent	SoftBank/	Mobile: Softbank
GroupAndHideAgent	Vodafone/	Mobile: Softbank
GroupAndHideAgent	J-PHONE/	Mobile: Softbank
GroupAndHideAgent	DDIPOCKET;	Mobile: Willcom
GroupAndHideAgent	WILLCOM;	Mobile: Willcom
GroupAndHideAgent	ASTEL/		Mobile: ASTEL
GroupAndHideAgent	IEMobile	Mobile: IEMobile
GroupAndHideAgent	iPhone		Mobile: iPhone
GroupAndHideAgent	iPod		Mobile: iPod
GroupAndHideAgent	"jig browser"	Mobile: jig browser
GroupAndHideAgent	Palmscape/	Mobile: Palmscape
GroupAndHideAgent	"sharp pda browser" Mobile: sharp pda browser
GroupAndHideAgent	"sharp wd browser" Mobile: sharp pda browser
GroupAndHideAgent	"Google Wireless Transcoder" Mobile: Google Wireless Transcoder

# Console:
GroupAndHideAgent	"Nintendo Wii"	Console: Nintendo Wii
GroupAndHideAgent	"PLAYSTATION 3"	Console: PLAYSTATION 3
GroupAndHideAgent	"PSP "		Console: PlayStation Portable

# Browser:
GroupAndHideAgent	GranParadiso/	Browser: Mozilla GranParadiso
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/3.1	Browser: Firefox 3.1
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceweasel/3.1	Browser: Firefox 3.1
GroupAndHideAgent	Minefield/3.1	Browser: Firefox 3.1
GroupAndHideAgent	BonEcho/3.1	Browser: Firefox 3.1
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/3.0	Browser: Firefox 3.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceweasel/3.0	Browser: Firefox 3.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Minefield/3.0	Browser: Firefox 3.0
GroupAndHideAgent	BonEcho/3.0	Browser: Firefox 3.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/2.0	Browser: Firefox 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceweasel/2.0	Browser: Firefox 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Minefield/2.0	Browser: Firefox 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	BonEcho/2.0	Browser: Firefox 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/1.5	Browser: Firefox 1.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceweasel/1.5	Browser: Firefox 1.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/1.0	Browser: Firefox 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Firefox/0	Browser: Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	Firebird/0	Browser: Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	Phoenix/0	Browser: Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	Thunderbird/2.0	Browser: Thunderbird 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Icedove/2.0	Browser: Thunderbird 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Thunderbird/1.5	Browser: Thunderbird 1.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Icedove/1.5	Browser: Thunderbird 1.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Thunderbird/1.0	Browser: Thunderbird 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Icedove/1.0	Browser: Thunderbird 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Thunderbird/0	Browser: Thunderbird 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	Icedove/0	Browser: Thunderbird 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	SeaMonkey/2.0	Browser: SeaMonkey 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceape/2.0	Browser: SeaMonkey 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	SeaMonkey/1.1	Browser: SeaMonkey 1.1
GroupAndHideAgent	Iceape/1.1	Browser: SeaMonkey 1.1
GroupAndHideAgent	SeaMonkey/1.0	Browser: SeaMonkey 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Netscape/9	Browser: Netscape 9
GroupAndHideAgent	Netscape/8	Browser: Netscape 8
GroupAndHideAgent	Netscape/7	Browser: Netscape 7
GroupAndHideAgent	Netscape6	Browser: Netscape 6
GroupAndHideAgent	Chrome/1.0	Browser: Google Chrome 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Chrome/0	Browser: Google Chrome 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	AppleWebKit/	Browser: Safari
GroupAndHideAgent	Safari/		Browser: Safari
GroupAndHideAgent	Camino/0	Browser: Camino 0.x
GroupAndHideAgent	Camino/1.0	Browser: Camino 1.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Camino/1.5	Browser: Camino 1.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Camino/2.0	Browser: Camino 2.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/9		Browser: Opera 9
GroupAndHideAgent	"Opera 9"	Browser: Opera 9
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/8		Browser: Opera 8
GroupAndHideAgent	"Opera 8"	Browser: Opera 8
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/7		Browser: Opera 7
GroupAndHideAgent	"Opera 7"	Browser: Opera 7
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/6		Browser: Opera 6
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/5		Browser: Opera 5
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/4		Browser: Opera 4
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/3		Browser: Opera 3
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/2		Browser: Opera 2
GroupAndHideAgent	Opera/1		Browser: Opera 1
GroupAndHideAgent	Konqueror/4	Browser: Konqueror 4
GroupAndHideAgent	Konqueror/3	Browser: Konqueror 3
GroupAndHideAgent	Konqueror/2	Browser: Konqueror 2
GroupAndHideAgent	Konqueror/1	Browser: Konqueror 1
GroupAndHideAgent	iCab		Browser: iCab
GroupAndHideAgent	Lunascape	Browser: Lunascape
GroupAndHideAgent	Sleipnir	Browser: Sleipnir
GroupAndHideAgent	Kazehakase	Browser: Kazehakase
GroupAndHideAgent	NetFront/	Browser: NetFront
GroupAndHideAgent	w3m		Browser: w3m
GroupAndHideAgent	Lynx		Browser: Lynx
GroupAndHideAgent	Emacs-W3/	Browser: Emacs-W3
GroupAndHideAgent	Monazilla/	Browser: Monazilla
GroupAndHideAgent	MyIE2		Browser: MyIE2
GroupAndHideAgent	Epiphany/	Browser: Epiphany
GroupAndHideAgent	Dillo/		Browser: Dillo
GroupAndHideAgent	Galeon/		Browser: Galeon
GroupAndHideAgent	OmniWeb/	Browser: OmniWeb
GroupAndHideAgent	MultiZilla/	Browser: MultiZilla
GroupAndHideAgent	Maxthon		Browser: Maxthon
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 8.0"	Browser: MSIE 8.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 7.0"	Browser: MSIE 7.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 6."	Browser: MSIE 6.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 5.5"	Browser: MSIE 5.5
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 5.2"	Browser: MSIE 5.2
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 5.1"	Browser: MSIE 5.1
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 5.0"	Browser: MSIE 5.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 4.5"	Browser: MSIE 4.5
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 4.0"	Browser: MSIE 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 3.0"	Browser: MSIE 3.0
GroupAndHideAgent	"MSIE 2.0"	Browser: MSIE 2.0

# standard browsers
GroupAndHideAgent	Gecko/		Browser: Mozilla Gecko browsers
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/5.0	Browser: Mozilla/5.0 browsers
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.8	Browser: Netscape 4.8
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.7	Browser: Netscape 4.7
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.6	Browser: Netscape 4.6
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.5	Browser: Netscape 4.5
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.09	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.08	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.07	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.06	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.05	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.04	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.03	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.02	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.01	Browser: Netscape 4.0
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/4.0	Browser: Mozilla/4.0 browsers
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/3	Browser: Netscape 3
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/2	Browser: Netscape 2
GroupAndHideAgent	Mozilla/1	Browser: Netscape 1

# hide needless string
HideReferrer		Direct Request
HideReferrer		unknown origin
HideReferrer		bookmarks
HideReferrer		file:/*
HideReferrer		Blocked by Norton
HideReferrer		Field blocked by

# hide test site

HideURL			*.gif
HideURL			*.GIF
HideURL			*.jpg
HideURL			*.JPG
HideURL			*.ra
HideURL			*.rdf
HideURL			*.rss
HideURL			*.xml
HideURL			*.ico
HideURL			*.png
HideURL			*.css
HideURL			*.js
HideURL			/webalizer/

IgnoreSite		10.*
IgnoreSite		192.168.*
IgnoreSite		172.16.*
IgnoreSite		172.17.*
IgnoreSite		172.18.*
IgnoreSite		172.19.*
IgnoreSite		172.20.*
IgnoreSite		172.21.*
IgnoreSite		172.22.*
IgnoreSite		172.23.*
IgnoreSite		172.24.*
IgnoreSite		172.25.*
IgnoreSite		172.26.*
IgnoreSite		172.27.*
IgnoreSite		172.28.*
IgnoreSite		172.29.*
IgnoreSite		172.30.*
IgnoreSite		172.31.*

# Ignore from OSDN Office

# Ignore from Infoseek
IgnoreSite		210.148.160.*

# Ignore crawl-*
IgnoreSite		38.99.44.*

# ignore crawler from

# ignore crawler for

IgnoreAgent		CRAWL
IgnoreAgent		Crawl
IgnoreAgent		crawl
IgnoreAgent		BOT
IgnoreAgent		Bot
IgnoreAgent		bot
IgnoreAgent		SCANNER
IgnoreAgent		Scanner
IgnoreAgent		scanner
IgnoreAgent		LOGGER
IgnoreAgent		Logger
IgnoreAgent		logger
IgnoreAgent		ANTENNA
IgnoreAgent		Antenna
IgnoreAgent		antenna
IgnoreAgent		ARCHIVE
IgnoreAgent		Archive
IgnoreAgent		archive
IgnoreAgent		SEEKER
IgnoreAgent		Seeker
IgnoreAgent		seeker
IgnoreAgent		SPIDER
IgnoreAgent		Spider
IgnoreAgent		spider
IgnoreAgent		FETCH
IgnoreAgent		Fetch
IgnoreAgent		fetch
IgnoreAgent		TICKER
IgnoreAgent		Ticker
IgnoreAgent		ticker
IgnoreAgent		READER
IgnoreAgent		Reader
IgnoreAgent		reader
IgnoreAgent		CHECK
IgnoreAgent		Check
IgnoreAgent		check
IgnoreAgent		TRACK
IgnoreAgent		Track
IgnoreAgent		track
IgnoreAgent		REDIRECT
IgnoreAgent		Redirect
IgnoreAgent		redirect
IgnoreAgent		TRACE
IgnoreAgent		Trace
IgnoreAgent		trace
IgnoreAgent		FILTER
IgnoreAgent		Filter
IgnoreAgent		filter
IgnoreAgent		FINDER
IgnoreAgent		Finder
IgnoreAgent		finder
IgnoreAgent		DOWNLOAD
IgnoreAgent		Download
IgnoreAgent		download
IgnoreAgent		GOOGLE
IgnoreAgent		Google
IgnoreAgent		google
IgnoreAgent		NEWS
IgnoreAgent		News
IgnoreAgent		news
IgnoreAgent		INDEX
IgnoreAgent		Index
IgnoreAgent		index
IgnoreAgent		WEBGET
IgnoreAgent		WebGet
IgnoreAgent		Webget
IgnoreAgent		webget
IgnoreAgent		RSS
IgnoreAgent		Rss
IgnoreAgent		rss
IgnoreAgent		NAVER
IgnoreAgent		Naver
IgnoreAgent		naver
IgnoreAgent		DESK
IgnoreAgent		Desk
IgnoreAgent		desk
IgnoreAgent		FEED
IgnoreAgent		Feed
IgnoreAgent		feed
IgnoreAgent		GETTER
IgnoreAgent		Getter
IgnoreAgent		getter
IgnoreAgent		HTTP_
IgnoreAgent		_HTTP
IgnoreAgent		http_
IgnoreAgent		_http
IgnoreAgent		HEADLINE
IgnoreAgent		HeadLine
IgnoreAgent		Headline
IgnoreAgent		headline
IgnoreAgent		Blog
IgnoreAgent		Yahoo!
IgnoreAgent		Y!J
IgnoreAgent		WWWC
IgnoreAgent		WDB
IgnoreAgent		NATSU-MICAN
IgnoreAgent		libwww-perl
IgnoreAgent		TAMATE
IgnoreAgent		ApacheBench
IgnoreAgent		Ask
IgnoreAgent		eCruiser
IgnoreAgent		cococ
IgnoreAgent		livedoor
IgnoreAgent		ibisBrowser
IgnoreAgent		Cyberz
IgnoreAgent		MicroAd
IgnoreAgent		JS-UZUSHIO
IgnoreAgent		Yahoo Pipes
IgnoreAgent		Netcraft
IgnoreAgent		All About
IgnoreAgent		Teleport Pro
IgnoreAgent		ASPseek
IgnoreAgent		Weber
IgnoreAgent		WebCopier
IgnoreAgent		GetYou
IgnoreAgent		Sample
IgnoreAgent		gazz
IgnoreAgent		Ocelli
IgnoreAgent		Terrar
IgnoreAgent		Bloglines
IgnoreAgent		zia-httpmirror
IgnoreAgent		dirty
IgnoreAgent		Hatena
IgnoreAgent		curl
IgnoreAgent		Usamimi
IgnoreAgent		Wget
IgnoreAgent		Heimdallr
IgnoreAgent		URI::Fetch
IgnoreAgent		LWP::Simple
IgnoreAgent		JBH Agent
IgnoreAgent		Website Explorer
IgnoreAgent		Steeler
IgnoreAgent		Plagger
IgnoreAgent		Ensemble
IgnoreAgent		PEAR HTTP_Request class
IgnoreAgent		Vienna
IgnoreAgent		Samurize Client Script
IgnoreAgent		glucose
IgnoreAgent		Snoopy
IgnoreAgent		lwp-trivial
IgnoreAgent		Shrook
IgnoreAgent		Java
IgnoreAgent		ColdFusion
IgnoreAgent		PerMan Surfer
IgnoreAgent		SimpleFavPanel
IgnoreAgent		Indy Library
IgnoreAgent		Akregator
IgnoreAgent		Miech
IgnoreAgent		Jakarta Commons-HttpClient
IgnoreAgent		Slurpy Verifier
IgnoreAgent		planet.rb
IgnoreAgent		WiWi
IgnoreAgent		Liferea
IgnoreAgent		Pheedo Monitor
IgnoreAgent		Microsoft-ATL-Native
IgnoreAgent		ParabolicMini
IgnoreAgent		PukiWiki
IgnoreAgent		Bookmark Renewal Check Agent
IgnoreAgent		Protopage
IgnoreAgent		samidare
IgnoreAgent		ichiro
IgnoreAgent		EDI
IgnoreAgent		Python-urllib
IgnoreAgent		Okiit
IgnoreAgent		HTTrack
IgnoreAgent		WWW-Mechanize
IgnoreAgent		PHP
IgnoreAgent		CFNetwork
IgnoreAgent		HTTP::Lite
IgnoreAgent		WebPic
IgnoreAgent		WebPing
IgnoreAgent		Echoping
IgnoreAgent		Arachmo
IgnoreAgent		larbin
IgnoreAgent		InternetLinkAgent
IgnoreAgent		WeBoX
IgnoreAgent		Microsoft Data Access Internet Publishing
IgnoreAgent		nsmsgs_sdk_net
IgnoreAgent		CE-Preload
IgnoreAgent		QuickLinkBar
IgnoreAgent		Microsoft BITS
IgnoreAgent		Microsoft URL Control
IgnoreAgent		Stardock Blog Navigator
IgnoreAgent		NetPositive
IgnoreAgent		WebPatrol
IgnoreAgent		matari
IgnoreAgent		SSP
IgnoreAgent		FNavigator
IgnoreAgent		Mynifty
IgnoreAgent		nagarami
IgnoreAgent		MT::Telegraph::Agent
IgnoreAgent		Amoena Toolkit
IgnoreAgent		WWWD
IgnoreAgent		NUnitAsp
IgnoreAgent		heritrix
IgnoreAgent		wish
IgnoreAgent		Nutch
IgnoreAgent		StackRambler
IgnoreAgent		HTMLParser
IgnoreAgent		Nandemorss
IgnoreAgent		MacASP
IgnoreAgent		Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir
IgnoreAgent		trf
IgnoreAgent		bfr
IgnoreAgent		arineToolbar
IgnoreAgent		Accoona-AI-Agent
IgnoreAgent		vermut
IgnoreAgent		WebAuto
IgnoreAgent		WiSE Lodestar
IgnoreAgent		intraVnews
IgnoreAgent		Rainmeter WebParser plugin
IgnoreAgent		AttensaOnline
IgnoreAgent		PulpFictionLite
IgnoreAgent		ZyBorg
IgnoreAgent		P.Arthur
IgnoreAgent		holmes
IgnoreAgent		Drip
IgnoreAgent		voyager
IgnoreAgent		HyperEstraier
IgnoreAgent		Krugle
IgnoreAgent		Goku
IgnoreAgent		CoralWebPrx
IgnoreAgent		WIRE
IgnoreAgent		Yeti
IgnoreAgent		Frozen-MICAN
IgnoreAgent		MaSagool
IgnoreAgent		MyApp
IgnoreAgent		imds_monitor
IgnoreAgent		page_verifier
IgnoreAgent		SimplePie
IgnoreAgent		Rome Client
IgnoreAgent		WebCapture
IgnoreAgent		EWH
IgnoreAgent		DepSpid
IgnoreAgent		YooW!
IgnoreAgent		atlinks.j
IgnoreAgent		iSQL2
IgnoreAgent		ESigil Request
IgnoreAgent		Chilkat
IgnoreAgent		PageDown
IgnoreAgent		Bitevni kocka pitypacka
IgnoreAgent		Popup
IgnoreAgent		check_http
IgnoreAgent		Fastladder
IgnoreAgent		eagle
IgnoreAgent		Pockey
IgnoreAgent		Digit Toolband
IgnoreAgent		upcheck
IgnoreAgent		Getweb
IgnoreAgent		ROOMMATE
IgnoreAgent		mogimogi
IgnoreAgent		2ch
IgnoreAgent		MATERIA
IgnoreAgent		Collabo Potal
IgnoreAgent		Rumours-Agent
IgnoreAgent		Infoseek
IgnoreAgent		InfoSeek
IgnoreAgent		SideWinder
IgnoreAgent		lastup
IgnoreAgent		MAD_Surfer2
IgnoreAgent		Ya2b
IgnoreAgent		Trend Match
IgnoreAgent		Alltop
IgnoreAgent		Apple-PubSub
IgnoreAgent		AppleSyndication
IgnoreAgent		lilina
IgnoreAgent		CamelStampede
IgnoreAgent		Megite
IgnoreAgent		lwp-request
IgnoreAgent		libwww
IgnoreAgent		Plucker
IgnoreAgent		WordPress
IgnoreAgent		24hours
IgnoreAgent		fly/
IgnoreAgent		mobile goo
IgnoreAgent		proximic
IgnoreAgent		POE-Component-Client-HTTP
IgnoreAgent		xyzzy
IgnoreAgent		Pathtraq
IgnoreAgent		Yandex
IgnoreAgent		ponkan
IgnoreAgent		SiteSucker
IgnoreAgent		IE/4.0
IgnoreAgent		MAILPIA
IgnoreAgent		HatenaScreenshot
IgnoreAgent		Google Desktop
IgnoreAgent		GoogleToolbar
IgnoreAgent		Shelob

#MangleAgents		4

IndexMonths     120
# awffull configuration file for

# main config
OutputDir	/home/osdn/htdocs/awffull/
Incremental	yes
ReportTitle	Usage statistics for

# Hide

# URLs to ignore
IgnoreURL	/ads/*
IgnoreURL	/export/*
IgnoreURL	/fragments/*
IgnoreURL	/sflogo.php
IgnoreURL	/js/*
IgnoreURL	/css/*
IgnoreURL	/scm_integration/generate_template.php
IgnoreURL	/top/adhoc-js-writer.php

# extenstions to count as pageviews
PageType	pl
PageType	htm
PageType	html
PageType	shtml
PageType	cgi
PageType	php