Project Description

SlunkCrypt is an experimental cross-platform cryptography library and command-line tool. A fully-featured GUI is provided for the Windows platform.

Please see the README file for details !!!

System Requirements

This program runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris as well as various BSD flavors (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc. pp.)


Please refer to: Show Usage


win32 Windows (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 4.03 MB)
macosx Mac slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.macosx.dmg (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 614.77 KB)
linux Linux slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.linux-musl.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 1.45 MB)
unix_unknown UNIX slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.freebsd.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 1.04 MB)
source Source Code slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.source.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 2.29 MB)
misc Other slunkcrypt.2022-12-12.haiku.tar.gz (Date: 2022-12-13, Size: 569.77 KB)

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