How to install SparkyBonsai

Download the iso file from:

1. USB flash or removable Hard Disk Can be fat32 or ext2/3 formatted. Ext4 filesystem is NOT recommended for installation on removable flash media.

1a.Extract iso files and copy /boot and /live folders at the root of your media OR burn iso on an optical disk (CD/DVD), boot it and copy those folders from /mnt/sr0 to the root of your removable media.

1b.Open a terminal and cd to (your disk path)/boot/syslinux

1c. Run the bash script as root (sudo) sh The Slax syslinux install script will make your media bootable ONLY for Sparky Bonsai. The script detects the location you run it, so run it ONLY into the directory of the removable media you wish to boot Sparky Bonsai.This will not format your disk, all other files will remain intact.

1d. (Optional) Now you can manually edit the file /boot/syslinux/live.cfg and customize your boot options using the proper boot codes.

2. Alongside other Linux installation (grub boot).

2a.Extract iso files and copy the /live folder OR burn iso on an optical disk (CD/DVD), boot it and copy /mnt/sr0/live folder at the root of your hard disk Can be formatted in any linux compatible filesystem including ext4.

2b. Edit the file /etc/grub.d/40_custom as root and add a menu entry: sudo nano /etc/grub.d/40_custom add a menuentry with the codes you wish, ie: menuentry "SparkyBonsai Porteus Boot" { linux /live/vmlinuz1 from=/ changes=/live initrd /live/initrd1.xz }

2c. Update grub as root sudo update-grub

2d.Reboot and find the custom option on grub’s menu.

3. Network boot (pxe) is also possible using the proper boot parameters in your server’s pxelinux.cfg/default. If you wish to save changes on server, the use of nfs server is recommended. Sparky Bonsai won’t run a pxe server pre-configured (as pure Porteus do), so you have to configure it according your server’s OS instructions.