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dcd7f4a 2016-03-09 08:00:58 Sylvain Vedrenne master Sudokuki release 1.2.4 - update Polish translations from...
2ee8f36 2016-01-30 03:31:44 svedrenne Update control files for release 1.2.3
377e115 2016-01-22 07:27:53 svedrenne Fix missing build-aux/compile for certain configs - fix ...
4187a7b 2016-01-22 07:26:05 svedrenne Fix for Polish translation support - language name is "P...
663f47b 2016-01-21 06:32:39 svedrenne Fix AM_PROG_MKDIR_P build issue on recent distribs - rep...
ae10700 2016-01-18 06:48:44 svedrenne Support Polish language thanks to Monika Viste - added p...
cdffbbc 2014-04-06 23:14:37 svedrenne Updated README
167d555 2014-04-06 23:12:54 svedrenne Updated README and debian/changelog
1096d1e 2014-04-06 22:57:32 svedrenne Updated make_jar_zip_release.sh
1821ee6 2014-04-06 22:51:45 svedrenne Removed obsolete libs directory


Name Rev. Time Author Message
master dcd7f4a 2016-03-09 08:00:58 Sylvain Vedrenne Sudokuki release 1.2.4 - u...


Sudokuki - essential sudoku game 

-- Changelog --

* 2016-03-08 - released Sudokuki 1.2.4 (Stable)
- Update Polish translations from Monika Viste
- Update Tamil translations from Sathish

* 2016-01-29 - released Sudokuki 1.2.3 (stable)
- Add Polish translations from Monika Viste
- Fix build issues that could affect recent distributions

* 2014-04-06 - released Sudokuki 1.2.2 (stable)
- Replaced legacy grid generator (C version of Suexg) by a Java version of Suexg
- Replaced legacy brute-force solver by the solver included in Suexg

* 2013-12-10 - released Sudokuki 1.2.1 (stable)
- Added Tamil translations from Sathish Anandh
- Added Turkish translations from Ahmet Kemal Okmen
- Improved the language selection dialog
- Removed the "feedback" tab from the About dialog

* 2013-04-27 - released Sudokuki 1.2 (stable)
- Added capability to resize the grid (fixes #245 GUI Needs to be dynamically resizable)
- Improved the paint process (more efficient)
- dispose() "Resolution in progress" dialog before showing "Resolution successful"
- In the selection dialog, memos are no more in bold font when selected
- Fixed #249 'debian' folder missing from source archive 

* 2013-02-07 - released Sudokuki 1.1.8 (stable)
- Added Hungarian translations from Toni.

* 2012-12-28 - released Sudokuki 1.1.7 (stable)
- Numbers are now 'Standard', 'Chinese' or 'Arabic' (added 'arabic' numbers)
- Improved the centering of the digits inside the cells
- Fixed several Java warnings in the source code

* 2012-11-24 - released Sudokuki 1.1.6 (stable)
- Added Arabic translations from Daneih Ismail
- Fixed issue #244 1.1.5: LanguageMenu lost sync with current locale
- Updated translation files for nl and pt_BR

* 2012-05-17 - released Sudokuki 1.1.5 (stable)
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translations from Rafael Ferreira
- Fixed item #3525975 "Ameliorate existing country flags look"
- Fixed item #3526392 "Hardcoded language names for lang-selection menu/dialog"

* 2012-05-10 - released Sudokuki 1.1.4 (stable)
- Fixed item #3520726 "Cannot enter filename when saving a grid on MacOS X"
- Fixed item #3522650 "Corrupted or wrong grid files are not correctly handled"
- Fixed item #3520759 "AboutDialog: ensure all text is visible (like for GPLv3 txt)"
- Fixed item #3522280 "With Sun/Oracle JDK: fatal error: jni_md.h: No such file ..."
- Updated Portuguese and Russian po files with Dutch translator's name

* 2012-04-28 - released Sudokuki 1.1.3 (stable)
- Dutch translations from Jeroen P. Broks. Added country flag for new translation, 
  updated some po files accordingly.
- Fixed Japanese translation string for "Latvian translations"
- Fixed item #3520763 Package build JDK detection should see beyond symlinks
- Debian package now depends upon java6-runtime and its build upon java6-sdk

* 2012-03-20 - released Sudokuki 1.1.2 (stable)
- Latvian translations by Janis Eisaks
- Updated country flag icons from PIWIK project
- Fixed #3509367 COPYING file and release packages

* 2012-03-12 - released Sudokuki 1.1.1 (stable)
- Final version of Portuguese translation for 1.1 release (item #3493404)
- Fixed #3499862 Errors with EXTRA_DIST.include or DIST_NOINST_JAVA.include

* 2012-02-23 - released Sudokuki 1.1.0 (stable)
- Greek translations (by Stavros Mavrakis)
- Fixed aspect of two Cancel buttons
- Fixed warnings and spurious traces
- Application logo for final release

* 2012-02-20 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta12
- Japanese translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Fumiaki Nakanishi)
- Fixed #3489081 Confusing icon for "Language" in the toolbar
- Basic Spanish, Greek and very basic Chinese translations
- Fixed issue where "ENTER" doesn't close language dialog, and minor sync issue 
- Portuguese and Russian translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Dmitry Salnikov) 
- Esperanto translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Sylvain Vedrenne)
- German translations for Sudokuki 1.1 (by Claus Poerschke)

* 2012-02-11 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta11
- Fixed #3485100 Cancelling 4 grids generation doesn't have expected effect
- Improved aspect of 'resolve grid dialog'
- Fixed LanguageMenu not in sync with actual locale if changed from LanguageDialog
- Fixed #3485144 When grid is full but wrong, errors should be shown in red
- Fixed #3485142 Nothing happens when the grid is complete

* 2012-02-03 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta10
- Updated french translations.
- Fixed #3432039 TODO: add necessary L10n strings
- Fixed #3482839 Exit Custom Grid Mode in case New/Open grid is selected
- Fixed #3482838 Actions to deactivate when in normal "custom grid" mode
- Fixed #3482837 Deactivate "play grid" if custom grid is invalid
- Fixed #3482836 Select-memos dialog should not always clear the cell value
- I18n the language dialog. Static language names (German => Deutsch).
- Fixed #3411638 Check the POEdit icon for "translate this app" icon

* 2012-01-16 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta9
- Fixed #3469259 Make smaller Jar/Zip distributions
- Fixed #3464115 MS-Windows: ENTER invokes input dialog after discarding it

* 2011-12-22 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta8
- Fixed #3411639 Memos shouldn't be retained if the user pressed ESC
- Fixed #3462544 Playing with the keyboard is not easy enough
- Fixed #3411640 Pressing ENTER on Memos dialog has no effect

* 2011-12-03 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta7
- Dev #3440869 IMPROVE:Make one single input dialog for memos and numbers
- Fixed #3447362 Wrong cell for "Set memos here" (except if right mouse btn)
- Fixed #3447520 Debian package: fix location for JAR file

* 2011-12-01 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta6
- Fixed #3445643 Regression: on MS-Windows "Save As" has no effect
- Fixed #3447468 Exception on the AWT if mouse clicks on the grid margins
- Fixed #3406698 Ensure the suexg lib can be loaded
- Fixed #3432067 Open grid:Missing error dialog in case the file is not found
- Fixed #3432051 Forbid "custom grid" after the grid was resolved

* 2011-11-29 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta5
- Debian binary package support (basic support) (item #3432432)
- Fixed #3432064 Can't find saved grid using "Open grid"

* 2011-11-23 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta4
- Fixed bug #3432069 "Can't open or save grid from the toolbar"
- Fixed bug #3439624 "Make the About dialog smaller"

* 2011-10-25 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta3
- Implemented "Save grid"/"Open grid" feature.

* 2011-10-19 - released Sudokuki 1.1.Beta2 (Beta version)
- Implemented grid checking used when entering a custom grid

* 2011-09-30 - released Sudokuki 1.0.B41 (Beta version)
- Implemented "enter/play custom grid" feature
- Added country flags to language menu and language dialog
- Refactored the language menu code
- Language menu nows reacts to language browsing

* 2011-09-17 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A40 (Alpha version)
- Fixed bug #3406695 "Twice the same Jar file in the binary release zip"
- Fixed bug #3406691 "Focus easily lost prevents keyboard play"
- Raise an error upon 'make' (resp. 'make dist') if the list of java files
  (resp. the list of resources) is outdated
- Added Chinese translations from Jeanne PENG

* 2011-09-02 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A39 (Alpha version)
- improved Autotools support
- Version.java is now auto-generated
- The standard 'make install' and 'make distcheck' are now supported
- Fixed bug #3390267 "sudokuki-1.0.A38.tar.gz is broken"
- Implemented tracker #3317014 'TODO: a proper "make install"'
- Fixed bug #3292435 "sudokuki.jar file too big"

* 2011-08-10 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A38 (Alpha version)
- implemented the capability to play with the keyboard
- added a focus mark showing the current cell in the grid
- fixed blurred aspect of the grid on OpenJDK (anti-aliasing)

* 2011-08-05 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A37 (Alpha version)
- implemented a "Clear All Moves" feature
- implemented a "Erase All Memos" feature
- added an experimental "Set Memos Here" feature

* 2011-08-04 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A36 (Alpha version)
- reactivated the Native sudoku generator and fixed its compilation warnings
- fall-back to the Java generator when the Native generator can't be loaded
- better compatibility with the Letter print format
- improved display and printing so that kanji will fit inside the grid cells
- output less text and a smaller logo image when the users prints grids

* 2011-08-03 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A35 (Alpha version)
- fixed bug #3383914 "Print multi (x4) is broken on 64 bits":
  UnsatisfiedLinkError with Multigrid action in case the suexg_proxy lib
  is missing or not loaded (example: 64 bits CPU with 32 bits lib).
- implemented Arabic/Chinese numbers selection
- implemented sudoku level selection
- added "Translate this application" dialog
- added "Please wait" dialogs where necessary
- updated dialogs that include links to websites
- updated "Contributors" section in the About dialog

* 2011-07-26 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A34 (Alpha version)
- implemented a Java transposition of Suexg C generator: SuexgJava
- temporarily deactivated the native generator (for portability tests)
- updated JNI files

* 2011-07-20 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A33 (Alpha version)
- added basic Russian translations from Dmitry Salnikov
- updated Portuguese translations from Dmitry Salnikov

* 2011-07-20 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A32 (Alpha version)
- fixed bug #3371789 "Print multi (x4) is broken!"
- added Portuguese translations from Dmitry Salnikov
- updated language menu and language dialog accordingly

* 2011-07-10 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A31 (Alpha version)
- fixed window size issue that was visible only with OpenJDK
- improved the positioning of the LanguageDialog
- some clean-up in the JNI code

* 2011-07-08 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A30 (Alpha version)
 - Added a language selection dialog and its icon in the toolbar
 - Reorganized Edit and Help menus

* 2011-07-05 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A29 (Alpha version)
 - Greek translations (revived from v1.0, and using web search)
 - Spanish translations (revived from v1.0, and using web search)
 - Fixed the Toolbar that was missing since version 1.0.A28

* 2011-07-04 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A28 (Alpha version)
 - The "Change language" feature is now operational
 - Modified several menus to make them Locale aware

* 2011-07-01 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A27 (Alpha version)
 - Esperanto translations
 - Japanese translations 
 - Updated languages menu where the detected locale is selected

* 2011-06-24 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A26 (Alpha version)
 - Added German translations from Claus Poerschke
 - Updated po files

* 2011-06-18 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A25 (Alpha version)
 - Updated po files
 - Updated Makefile.am

* 2011-06-18 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A24 (Alpha version)
 - Added languages 'de en eo es ja pt ru' to ALL_LINGUAS
 - Marked many strings as translatable to allow translations

* 2011-06-15 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A23 (Alpha version)
 - Improved i18n support and build (includes the .properties files into the jar).
 - First Russian translations strings thanks to Dmitry Salnikov

* 2011-06-09 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A22 (Alpha version)
 - Added i18n support (not yet fully functional)

* 2011-06-02 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A21 (Alpha version)
 - Added dialog shown while the solving process is on-going and allowing to cancel.

* 2011-06-01 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A20 (Alpha version)
 - Added "cheat -> resolve current grid" feature

* 2011-05-16 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A19 (Alpha version)
 - Added "cheat -> show memos for all cells" feature

* 2011-05-13 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A18 (Alpha version)
 - "Notes" renamed to "Memos" are now in blue
 - Some code cleanup (moved to the grid model some model specific code)

* 2011-05-12 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A17 (Alpha version)
 - "Clear cell notes" feature
 - Some code cleanup (constants for notes)

* 2011-05-09 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A16 (Alpha version)
 - Better prototype of cell notes dialog
 - Implemented Read-Only cells

* 2011-05-08 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A15 (Alpha version)
 - First prototype of cell notes dialog

* 2011-05-03 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A14 (Alpha version)
 - Automatic check for new version at startup
 - Toolbar button for download when a new version is available 

* 2011-05-01 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A13 (Alpha version)
 - Added a toolbar to the Swing GUI.
 - Fixed 3 or 4 minor GUI bugs (wrong mnemonic for Help, tooltip text not showing up, etc.)

* 2011-04-30 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A12 (Alpha version)
 - AboutDialog:
  . added a link button pointing to the project's forums on Sourceforge
  . added a link button for easier download when a new version is available

* 2011-04-28 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A11 (Alpha version)
 - AboutDialog: 
  . added a link button to browse to the project's website
  . added a "feedback" tab.

* 2011-04-27 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A10 (Alpha version)
 - Updated About Dialog (version, contributors, transfer) using HTML 
 - Easier way to execute the program:
  . sudokuki.jar is now generated in the top directory
  . just clicking on sudokuki.jar will run the program on some platforms
  . native shared libs expected to be in 'lib' directory relative to sudokuki.jar

* 2011-04-24 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A09 (ALPHA version)
 - Added license (GPL v3 or later) to About Dialog
 - Updated path to LATEST in Check Update dialog (for alpha versions)

* 2011-04-18 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A08 (ALPHA version)
 - Print feature (for those who prefer playing on paper): 
   . now you can print the current grid
 - Multi-print feature: 
   . now you can print 4 random grids and play on paper

* 2011-04-15 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A07 (ALPHA version)
 - About dialog: added application logo
   . changed resources.tar.bz2 to add logo.png
   . updated src/Makefile accordingly

* 2011-04-14 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A06 (ALPHA version)
 - first draft of the About dialog
 - fixed position for dialogs (centered on the main frame)

* 2011-04-11 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A05 (ALPHA version)
 - src/Makefile : fixed Cygwin compilation by escaping '(' and ')' characters

* 2011-04-08 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A04 (ALPHA version)
 - src/Makefile : rework for effective detection on a CYGWIN environment
 - added Copyright notice and License terms (GPL v3 or later) to all source files. 
 - added file 'checklist.sh' as a reminder of things to do for each release

* 2011-04-07 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A03 (ALPHA version)
 - src/Makefile : detect if the OS is "Linux" or "CYGWIN" and set variables accordingly
 - updated NEWS, configure.ac

* 2011-04-06 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A02 (ALPHA version)
 - added a "Check for updates" dialog in the help menu
   . centralized package version number inside configure.ac
   . Version.java is generated during build and used in CheckUpdateDialog

* 2011-04-04 - released Sudokuki 1.0.A01 (ALPHA version)
 - first version of Sudokuki in Java
 - includes public domain Suexg grid generator (C language)
 - basic graphical user interface based on Swing
 - includes Gtk+ stock icons (GNU General Public License)
 - experimental Print feature to print the grid

-- Stable releases --
The stable release files can be found here:

Translations include Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, Turkish, Latvian, Dutch,
English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,
and Spanish, at the moment.

The current stable release is version 1.2 

-- Forums --

Please consult the Sudokuki FORUMS on Sourceforge:


and share your comments with other users and contributors.

Those forums are a good place to ask questions, report bugs,
suggest features, contribute by submitting patches, or get 
some HELP for anything related to Sudokuki.

-- Free software license and Copyright --

Sudokuki is released under the terms of the GNU General Public 
License version 3 or later (GPL v3+).

This program is developed during the author's free-time, in the
hope that some users will find it useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY
of any kind.

You are welcome to transfer this program to other people as long as
you respect the license terms. Read the GNU General Public License
for more details.

The full license text is available in the file called COPYING that
must be included in every copy of the program.

Sudokuki is free software ("Free" as in "Freedom").

Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Sylvain Vedrenne

-- Distributions including Sudokuki --

The following GNU/Linux distributions are known to be using
Sudokuki: Vector Linux, Puppy Linux, Arch Linux, etc.

-- Websites referencing Sudokuki --

Sudokuki is referenced by many websites, for example:

- Free Software Foundation - Free Software Directory

- Freecode.com

- Vector Linux

- Opensourcebistro.com (related to Vector Linux)

- Arch Linux

- Puppy Linux

- University of Amsterdam Master Education in System and Network Eng.

- Softpedia

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