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Support mailing list archive searches using DuckDuckGo

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Unlike SourceForge.net, OSDN.net appears to offer no in-house facility for searching mailing list archives; such searches must be performed using Google, which some find distasteful, (due to Google's practice of tracking user activity, which some see as an invasion of privacy).

At https://mingw.osdn.io/index.html?page=mailing.html, I have set up a search form to allow users to search the MinGW mailing list archives ... both currently active archives on OSDN.net, and historical archives on SourceForge.net. In the case of the SourceForge.net archives, the search widgets use the SourceForge.net search facility; in the case of the OSDN.net archives, in the absence of any in-house search facility, I have attempted to link the widgets to the https://DuckDuckGo.com search engine. Unfortunately, the latter does not work: searching for (say) "dup2", in the MinGW-Users search widget returns nothing useful. However, if I search, instead, for "!g dup2", (which instructs DuckDuckGo.com to refer the search to Google ... and thus it becomes susceptible to Google's tracking), I do see the expected result ... I am shown references for the recent discussion thread regarding Microsoft's dup2() implementation.

I don't know why DuckDuckGo.com is unable to return useful search results, for the OSDN.net archives. Perhaps their search engine doesn't try to index the archives; perhaps OSDN.net forbids it from doing so. If it is the latter, may I respectfully request a review of that policy, given the more socially acceptable policy exhibited by DuckDuckGo.com, in comparison to that of Google?

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