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r630 2022-02-12 19:01:48 mateuszviste README note about this svn repo being no longer maintained
r629 2022-02-05 07:19:06 mateuszviste bumped version in LSM
r628 2022-02-05 07:14:48 mateuszviste frozen ver 20220204 to tags
r627 2022-02-05 07:13:42 mateuszviste fixed pkg update (reported by Robert Riebisch through tic...
r626 2022-02-05 06:06:41 mateuszviste frozen ver 20220204 to tags
r625 2022-02-05 06:05:39 mateuszviste fixed path to REMed COUNTRY.SYS + writing the actual code...
r624 2022-02-05 06:01:54 mateuszviste INSTALL uses SvarLANG for translations now, instead of ki...
r623 2022-02-05 05:58:17 mateuszviste support for very long messages (longer than 256 bytes)
r622 2022-02-05 05:57:12 mateuszviste delete old versions of the libs before rebuilding them
r621 2022-02-05 05:36:11 mateuszviste fixed typos


Since 07 Feb 2022 this repository is not maintained any longer. Please
visit http://svn.svardos.org/ instead.
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