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svn viewer fully integrated with the website

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Currently I have set up a "websvn" instance on a virtual host, so it is possibly to look up svn commits etc via a web browser. websvn is not super intuitive to me, and its look is also very different from the SvarDOS website.

The idea here would be to have a simple svn viewer integrated right in the website. It would share the same styling than the rest of the website, and would be kept in svn along with the rest of the files so it would require no configuration.

Such interface would need to provide:

- a view of all the files and directories in svn (with a configurable revision number)

- text viewer for text (and source code) files, with an optional "blame" view

- source code coloring would be nice if easy to add

- a view of all svn commits, where each commit would show the author, timestamp and log of the commit

- clicking on a commit shows the list of modified files, and for modified files another link allows to see a diff

The PHP code would rely either on svnlook or use the PHP SVN bindings. The latter would be much more comfortable, but they are not part of the PHP install on Debian... requires some "PEAR" magic (and I'm not even sure these bindings are still available for PHP 8 anyway).

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It's probably easier to "just" create a SvarDOS template for WebSVN. Just my 2 cents.

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