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ERROR: DNS resolution failed

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When using pkgnet for the first time at a day, I always get "ERROR: DNS resolution failed" on, e.g., "pkgnet pull foo".

I'm using SvarDOS in a NAT-ed VM in VirtualBox.

My current workaround is just to delete this file on boot.

This is the content of the problematic %TEMP%\W32DHCP.TMP today:

# DHCP transient configuration; values that must
# be known between consecutive runs of applications.
# Version: Watt-32 (2.2.10), OpenWatcom 1.9 (large model), Jan 22 2020
# This file saved at Fri Feb 18 15:18:16 2022
DHCP.LEASE    = 1645301896           # lease expires at  Sat Feb 19 15:18:16 2022
DHCP.RENEW    = 1645258696           # renew expires at  Sat Feb 19 03:18:16 2022
DHCP.REBIND   = 1645291096           # rebind expires at Sat Feb 19 12:18:16 2022
DHCP.MY_IP    =            # assigned ip-address
DHCP.NETMASK  =        # assigned netmask
DHCP.GATEWAY  =             # assigned gateway
DHCP.NAMESERV =             # assigned nameserver
DHCP.SERVER   =             # DHCP server
DHCP.HOSTNAME = random-pc            # assigned hostname
DHCP.DOMAIN   = hidden.local         # assigned domain
DHCP.DEF_TTL  = 254                  # default TTL
DHCP.TCP_KEEP = 30                   # TCP keepalive interval

As you can see, already renew expired, but not rebind or lease.

Seems to be a problem in VirtualBox and/or Watt-32.

For testing a will switch my VM to a bridged network, so SvarDOS gets its IP address assigned by my Internet router.

UPDATE: With a bridged network, DHCP is not working. Could be a bug VirtualBox similar to https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/20148 (I use AMD PCnet not Intel e1000 as couldn't get e1000 to work in DOS.)

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2022-02-19 18:07 Updated by: bttr
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2022-02-19 18:14 Updated by: mateuszviste

I also use VirtualBox with a NAT configuration, but never had this problem. Can you check with tcpdump (or wireshark) that VirtualBox sends the first DNS query out properly, and that it gets an answer?

Maybe pkgnet should retry one or two times if it does not get an answer the first time.

2022-02-19 18:16 Updated by: bttr
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2022-02-19 18:39 Updated by: bttr

(wtf: I only pressed Preview when I added the "UPDATE: ..." part. I never pressed Submit, but I removed the "#preview" part from the URL to cancel submitting. Looks like OSDN did not what I had expected.)

2022-02-20 05:42 Updated by: mateuszviste

Latest install should word better for you, as it retries DNS queries up to 2 times.

2022-02-20 06:06 Updated by: bttr

Reply To mateuszviste

Latest install should word better for you, as it retries DNS queries up to 2 times.

Installed today's pkgnet update now and returned the SvarDOS VM to NAT-ed network. Will see the results tomorrow.

2022-02-22 20:37 Updated by: bttr

Your change didn't make a difference. It just takes longer to show the same error message.

2022-02-22 21:27 Updated by: bttr

Maybe it helps, when you tell me how you configured your VM/vbox to use NAT.

I just selected NAT from the drop-down menu of the VM. This works for one day, but fails the next.

Using a natnetwork I was unable to get an IP all the time.

2022-02-22 21:49 Updated by: mateuszviste

I did the same as you - selected "NAT" in the GUI drop-down, nothing else.

But now I see that my pkgnet is very old, it was 20210121 (I don't use VirtualBox on a daily basis). I have updated it now, so perhaps I will get the same problem as you tomorrow.

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