version 1.10 released...
2012-01-17 11:16 (by loopsketch)

hi, today, release version 1.10.

generated by the latest QuickTime MJPEG codec, MJPEG-MJPEG2000 was not the A / B.
because of that, because the bug had dropped it when you play the mov fixed at least not fall.

so, operation UI application was running on android tablet.
I build ​​AdobeAIR, it was lucky! please try it too?!


■ Revisions
FFmpeg · avcodec-b616600516a0b46c365ee4fbd65167d6d276a9ad (per 11/10/24) updated
fixed the audio would remain switched on during playback of voice with video
fixed would drop if we can not be set despite pix_format • The codec selection
UI apps, android tablet(ASUS TF101) worked on. so, I have changed air installer file from the native installer.

■ 更新履歴
・UIをAndroidタブレット(ASUS TF101)で動作してみたら一応動いたので、インストーラをairファイルに戻しました

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