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2020-07-14 12:07
Review by BlockheadsWin

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Perfect. Lightweight in the extreme, has all the necessary features but none of the useless/bloated ones. Thank you!

2020-03-16 20:18
Review by DJKevin

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Simple and it works. Not for the heavy user. Then the use of emails are diminishing for most except business. Perfect for the home user.

2019-05-09 07:43
Review by rmpbklyn

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great, wish it had internal web browser view so the external browser don't have to open each time. also needs a run all filters on demand/click/button
sends mail correctly (gmail) and goes to sent folder. totally syncs with gmail (as long as you map the correct sent/trash/draft) folders in settings. luv the groupings - by addressbook/contacts. and SORTING by sender/date/subject !!!!! main reason i use (can't do this on gmail internet page)

2017-08-16 13:34
Review by 0027

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2017-02-10 17:29
Review by Russo00

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Very easy going stuff! highly recommended! Way to go Bro!

2015-10-19 01:56
Review by Pit007

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geat Software, I like it. Very stabil and fast

2014-11-23 01:55
Review by RamanLaserJock

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I have used Sylpheed for more than 14 years. It's my only email client.
Sylpheed's speed and configurability are excellent. It's use of the MH format, with a separate file for each email makes it very easy to synchronize emails between different machines (e.g., work and home), to correct email subjects, and to incorporate and consolidate emails.
Not being able to forward HTML emails, even though emails should never be HTML -- that's what web browsers are for!

2014-11-11 09:19
Review by Gary S

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Great program. I've tried about 6 others in the last 2 weeks. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
Easy to use and set-up Good looking interface
I didn't find it sooner

2014-06-18 18:08
Review by johnny_778

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Use this mail client 5 year, extreemly fast, no limit for incaming mail, sort mail by rules in mail folder by automatic, no errors = admin style progs!

2014-06-17 00:51
Review by Japie Yeah

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Good, simple e-mail client for those who are used to OE6 interface
Simple to set up, look and feel of OutlookExpress