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OSDN provides Wiki system to each project. You are able to edit pages as you like, of course you can also edit this page. Not only participating uses in the project, but also all of the OSDN users are able to edit this Wiki by default. You need to set up the authorization for the project.

You can find grammar and other documents on Sidebar links or Wiki guide in OSDN Docs-en project.

Recent Tickets

spam filtering does not worked as expected (From Forum Message [#80031])2019-05-09 07:38
From Forum Help [#80031] [forum: 80031] I'm trying to use Sylpheed (3.6) with Win 10 (since Claws Mail creates trou...(None)
The Passwords are stored encrypted !2016-09-19 07:00
The passwords of the mailboxes are unfortunately stored unencrypted in the "accountrc" file. This is a big ...(None)
LibSylph-CRITICAL: folder_item_remove_msg: assertion 'item->folder->klass->remove_msg != NULL' failed2014-08-20 03:07
Thank you for a nice and useful program ;-) I believe I have found 1 bug. Using the filter on a news group, trying ...(None)
'Message Source' window doesn't allow text selection2012-09-18 10:02
Sylpheed-3.2.0 If you open a 'Message Source' window for the current email message being viewed there is no access t...(None)
installer does not add sylpheed as default mail client2012-04-13 22:50
Cannot use send->email in programs like libraoffice - (btw this works correctly in thunderbird) version 3.2 beta ...(None)