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Tenfourbird successfully localized with that langpack (fr.xpi). But with some bugs...

Known Issues:

* Can't open 'About Tenfourbird' Dialog (XUL Error occured).
* File Dialog and Print Dialog are not localized.
* Calendar (Lightning) is not localized.


1. Install Langpack xpi

1-1. Select Menu Tools > Add-ons
1-2. Click gear-button (top-right ), select 'Install Add-on From File...'
1-3. Choose langpack xpi you want to install

2. Change UI Locale

2-1. Select Tenfourbird > Preferences...
2-2. Select Advanced tab
2-3. Click Config Editor...
2-4. Read warning carefully and click
2-5. Edit property 'general.useragent.locale' to new locale you want to change (en-US, fr, de, ja-JP-mac, etc...).

3. Restart Tenfourbird

3-1. Restarted with new locale.
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