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Security & Anonymous Software Build (2012-11-21 03:59, Anonymous, #66361)

Dear Anonymous Compiler,

How do I know this is a safe build?
Or how can I check this build for "unwanted extra creative code" added by ,... anyoneonymous developers?

1) Tenfourfox (TFF) is at least giving a sha1 to check (which gives a downloader the option to check if it has downloaded the software in the way the developer mend to be).

2) TFF builders are not anonymous, which helps a lot in the trusting process (not checking the code then),
and therefore also in persuading people to download and use the software (because I like the idea of this project you started).

Maybe an answer on this topic can make this project more interesting and make people download / use the build you made.
And I hope so,


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Security & Anonymous Software Build (2012-11-21 03:59, Anonymous, #66361)
RE: Security & Anonymous Software Build (2012-11-26 23:54, t_mrc-ct, #66449)