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Thank you for using Tenfourbird.

Instantbird and Mozilla Thunderbird has been integrated into a single repository.
But Thunderbird support few chat protocols. That's because Instantbird is using libpurple to support a lot of chat protocols.

Additional Chat Protocols for Thunderbird addon is using libpurple. But it does not work on Tenfourbird... (Need rebuilding)

I will test Yahoo Messenger and Odnoklassniki support on next release.


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> Hi
> I find this port really useful, thanks.
> One thing it seems to have an issue with (not sure if this applies to Thunderbird too) is that chat disconnects regularly (Facebook and Google).
> So I have started using Instantbird (1.3 still supports leopard). This has lots of other protocols too.
> This may be a ridiculously hard request, in which case don't bother to consider it.
> Would it be possible to use Instantbirds' protocol modules, instead of those from Thunderbird?
> Thanks
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