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IOS Tombo (2012-08-09 22:52 by siddall #65030)

Thanks for TOMBO. I have found it excellent on PC WinCE and most recently Android.

I have to start using an iPad soon.

Is there / will there be an IOS (Apple) version of TOMBO ?

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RE: IOS Tombo (2013-01-05 07:30 by (del#77985) #66872)

I also want to thank you for the PocketPC Tombo -- I've enjoyed it for years! And now I seem to be spoiled, because I cannot find a similar application for my iPhone. The closest I've found is PlainText (which also stores notes in simple directories & text files on the filesystem) but it doesn't have the "current date" button (which I use frequently) nor does it do any encryption.

Will you consider porting Tombo to iOS?

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