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Plans for Windows 8 phones? (2013-06-14 04:50 by mach_trois #69105)

Hi Hirami,

Since I've been owning a Windows Mobile cellphone I've been using your Tombo application to store passwords both on my cell and computer while keeping then synchronized. I'll never thank you enough for sharing this tool freely with us users.

I'm now moving to a Windows 8 phone (Nokia 920) and would like to keep using Tombo.
Is it working on Windows 8 phones? Do you have any plan to port it? Are there any equivalent for Windows 8 Mobile?

If not I have a pretty heavy software development background so I'd be ready to pitch in ;-)

Note: The Windows laptop/desktop version is working fine on Windows 7 (didn't try on 8 yet). I'm assuming that the encrypted text files could be synchronized the same way with "Sync Center".

Thanks again