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Commit MetaInfo

Revision28219 (tree)
Time2018-05-15 04:37:50

Log Message

patch from ps@pks.im:

When the registry key "HKCU\Software\TortoiseSVN\CommitReopen" is set to "1", then the Copy dialog will reopen in case the commit failed. If this happens and the repository contains externals, then the list of externals will display all externals multiple times, as the externals vector is not getting cleared before it's being repopulated.

This change fixes that by first clearing the externals vector.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- trunk/src/TortoiseProc/CopyDlg.cpp (revision 28218)
+++ trunk/src/TortoiseProc/CopyDlg.cpp (revision 28219)
@@ -313,6 +313,7 @@
313313 CTSVNPath retPath;
314314 svn_client_status_t * s = NULL;
315315 m_maxrev = 0;
316+ m_externals.clear();
316317 s = stats.GetFirstFileStatus(m_path, retPath, false, svn_depth_unknown, true, true);
317318 if (s)
318319 {
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