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Revision28525 (tree)
Time2019-03-12 05:26:39

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update pot file with recent doc changes.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- trunk/Languages/TortoiseDoc.pot (revision 28524)
+++ trunk/Languages/TortoiseDoc.pot (revision 28525)
@@ -9578,6 +9578,10 @@
95789578 msgstr ""
95809580 #. (para)
9581+msgid "Comboboxes for URLs and paths show a history of previously used URLs/paths if possible. This settings controls how many previous items are saved and shown. The default is 25 items."
9582+msgstr ""
9584+#. (para)
95819585 msgid "When you merge revisions from another branch, and merge tracking information is available, the log messages from the revisions you merge will be collected to make up a commit log message. A pre-defined string is used to separate the individual log messages of the merged revisions. If you prefer, you can set this to a value containing a separator string of your choice."
95829586 msgstr ""
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