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tortoisesvn: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r29368 2022-03-12 18:17:22 stefankueng

merge the whole trunk

r29367 2022-03-12 17:25:10 stefankueng

fix alpha value

r29366 2022-03-12 17:02:49 stefankueng

update changelog

r29365 2022-03-12 17:01:46 stefankueng

update translations from transifex

r29364 2022-03-12 07:09:49 stefankueng

update translations from transifex

r29363 2022-03-12 05:43:01 stefankueng

update translations from transifex

r29362 2022-03-10 02:56:57 stefankueng

update the (c) year to 2022

r29361 2022-02-25 02:20:14 stefankueng

avoid int overflow

r29360 2022-02-25 02:03:32 stefankueng

convert macro to constexpr

r29359 2022-02-25 01:54:09 stefankueng

make constexpr

r29358 2022-02-25 01:49:44 stefankueng

the repos_relpath is in utf8 and already unescaped

r29357 2022-02-14 16:20:35 csware

Correctly paste unicode text

Based on TortoiseGit commit 6bb45bb120f71a06d8fdfa06b86a1ae0754ca1f3.

r29356 2022-02-12 16:38:15 stefankueng

apply the e_capi patch

r29355 2022-02-12 16:37:08 stefankueng

update to OpenSSL 1.1.1m

r29354 2022-02-12 16:14:10 stefankueng

delay load the SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext API function

r29353 2022-02-12 16:12:37 stefankueng

patch from Denis Kovalchuk:
fix empty message box when applying a patch that does not affect any files

r29352 2022-02-10 03:12:06 stefankueng

don't try to fetch the revision from the cache, just start a new log dialog

r29351 2022-02-10 03:05:35 stefankueng

run the sync command on startup directly

r29350 2022-02-10 03:04:39 stefankueng

remove profiling

r29349 2022-02-10 03:04:11 stefankueng

execute the sync command after saving project monitor data

r29348 2022-02-06 00:55:01 stefankueng

require at least Win10

r29347 2022-02-05 21:47:28 stefankueng

start TSVN processes without identity from the shell extension

r29346 2022-02-01 01:50:49 stefankueng

patch from Denis Kovalchuk:
fix deleting empty file when applying a patch

r29345 2022-01-29 18:15:59 stefankueng

set the parent explicitly instead of via title strings.
based loosely on 2efe70da01edd0fe4aa7dfab63da37147fdc9ee1 of TGit

r29344 2022-01-28 01:16:17 xhmikosr

www: update devDependencies and gems

Also add webrick gem since it's been removed from Ruby 3.x

r29343 2022-01-26 02:39:49 stefankueng

fix selecting with the mouse to the EOL of a wrapped line

r29342 2022-01-21 18:12:43 stefankueng

optimized images

r29341 2022-01-21 18:11:44 stefankueng

update the MaxVersionTested

r29340 2022-01-21 18:11:18 stefankueng

find the right-clicked item in the treeview using hit testing

r29339 2022-01-21 18:10:38 stefankueng

set the dll as dpi aware

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