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Font meta-family, multiple styles, for Japanese, English, and Korean, made with Metafont. Full coverage of hiragana, katakana, hangul, and Latin. Partial coverage of grade-school kanji. Also includes IDSgrep, a tool for querying kanji databases...

System Requirements

Precompiled OTF fonts work with recent versions of all currently-popular word processing and typesetting systems - including those used by Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Building the fonts from source requires a Linux or Linux-like command-line environment, Perl, GNU Make, a C compiler, and Metapost (included in most TeX distributions). Other resources recommended for build, or required for optional features, include XeLaTeX, Expect, KANJIDIC2, a Prolog interpreter, and a multi-CPU computer.

IDSgrep requires a C compiler, Perl, and (not strictly required but strongly recommended) the KanjiVG database, a Tsukurimashou build environment, or both. Recompiling the IDSgrep PDF documentation requires XeLaTeX and the Tsukurimashou Mincho font, which is included in the precompiled package.

Documentation is primarily in English.


configure ; make ; make install Show How to Install


Install the fonts.  Select a Tsukurimashou font in your word processor.  Type text. Show Usage


win32 Windows (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 9.71 MB)
macosx Mac (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 9.71 MB)
android Android (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 9.71 MB)
linux Linux (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 14.85 MB)
unix_unknown UNIX (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 9.71 MB)
ios iOS (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 9.71 MB)
source Source Code (Date: 2021-07-02, Size: 14.85 MB)
document Document usermanual.pdf (Date: 2021-07-01, Size: 357.19 KB)

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