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Font meta-family, multiple styles, for Japanese, English, and Korean, made with Metafont. Full coverage of hiragana, katakana, hangul, and Latin. Partial coverage of grade-school kanji. Also includes IDSgrep, a tool for querying kanji databases...

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Released at 2017-11-19 13:53
(A) Tsukurimashou (complete package) 0.10 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

What's new in 0.10

I said in the version 0.9 "what's new" that the future of the project was uncertain because of my career situation. That was a little over three years ago. Subsequent to the 0.9 release, I went to Denmark for a couple of years on a postdoctoral fellowship. I made some effort to work Tsukurimashou into my academic work, including a couple of publications I will cite below, but for the most part, work on this project was shelved as I made it my top priority to find a long-term academic position.

My efforts were not successful, and in 2016, after 15 years in academic research aiming for a professorship, I decided it was time to seek a different career path. I moved back to Canada and went into the electronic musical instruments business. Please visit North Coast Synthesis Ltd., at , for high-quality Eurorack modules and kits.

With November 2017, I was considering doing a NaNoWriMo project ("National Novel Writing Month"---the idea is to write a 50,000-word work of fiction in 30 days) but decided instead to aim for adding five new kanji to Tsukurimashou each day and have them be the ones needed for the next release, namely Grade Five kanji. That actually meant more than five characters per day on average, as some of the Grade Fives entailed creating other characters first to use as components. A few days ago I completed the Grade Five set and have spent the time since, working on other issues needed to prepare the 0.10 release.

This version 0.10 is being pushed out in a bit of a rush, again, because after three years with no releases I'd like to confirm that the project is not dead, and get as much visible progress in this November push as possible. My roadmap for future releases is to push 0.11 halfway through Grade Six, 0.12 at the end of Grade Six, and then it'll be the big one: Tsukurimashou 1.0, with no specific kanji promised beyond Grade Six but a more polished release addressing issues that may still remain after the 0.12 release. It is my hope that version 1.0 will be usable enough that I can sell precompiled binaries of it; I have no illusions of actually making any real money that way, but maybe some people would like to have an official, physical DVD of the Tsukurimashou fonts and support the project a little.

My academic journal article about IDSgrep was published in the International Journal of Asian Language Processing and you can read it (open access) at

I also presented a conference paper on algorithmic aspects at the 9th International Conference on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP 2016) in Tokyo, and that one is online (behind a paywall) at

This version contains significant revisions to FontAnvil and some of the other associated software, but those are still too new and experimental for detailed comment here. FontForge contained a lot of semi-hardcoded tables of font information, with semi-automated software for generating the C code to express those tables. I have introduced a new tool of my own called Icemap for solving that problem in a more principled way, but I'm not up to writing a detailed document for it yet. Dig around in the source code, and consider it pre-alpha, if you want.

Without wanting to get too personal, the next couple of years are going to be critical for me in the course of my life. I'm not making Tsukurimashou for money but I do need money; academia didn't work out and it's not clear electronics manufacturing will either; and any help and support you can give me is welcome if it is in the form I need. The best thing you can do is buy my synthesizer modules (that URL again is

but I realize they are only of use to a few people. Failing that anything that increases the profile of my business or this project would be very welcome. Please, circulate that URL and the URL of the Tsukurimashou home page ( in your social media, and talk and write about Tsukurimashou! It is only because of your continued support that I am able to continue working on this project. よろしくお願いします。


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