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tsukurimashou: Commit

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Revision467 (tree)
Time2013-09-18 03:25:53

Log Message

do bitmap conversion in blocks of 1000 glyphs to work around FontForge/Freetype issue

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- trunk/idsgrep/idsgrep.tex (revision 466)
+++ trunk/idsgrep/idsgrep.tex (revision 467)
@@ -2555,7 +2555,7 @@
25552555 another with no heads and no other nodes in between might be detected and
25562556 automatically simplified. Any number of those will match the same set of
25572557 trees as a single such operator, so the extras can be simply removed without
2558-affecting the semantivs. But it is easy to construct more elaborate queries
2558+affecting the semantics. But it is easy to construct more elaborate queries
25592559 that still take exponential time without memoization and that the system
25602560 cannot reasonably simplify. Users are unlikely to do that by accident, but
25612561 now that I've mentioned the possibility, someone will try.
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