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2018-07-17 10:31
tcsh の prompt文字列に "\n" を含めると、EnableContinuedLineCopy=onで改行文字の代わりに空白が埋められることがある。 Te...
2018-07-10 01:10
After several hours of useage all my terms disappear one at a time. This leaves processes on the server running and h...
2018-07-04 22:04
I have a device called AirConsole ( provides a Serial Com Port via WiFi. This uni...
2018-06-28 23:07
The Tera Term window will not resize or move after clicking in the top blank area above the menu. Resetting the term...
2018-06-28 10:22
Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to add a feature to Tera Term that would allow a user to select a "9 bit"...

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2018-07-05 20:29

olipäü opü jjpüpikpojio iupupöiugpi ilgpgi 9

2018-06-06 19:03

Apps similar to PuTTY. But macro, but macro function has problems under Wind....

2018-03-05 00:55

A very stable terminal. There are no definitions of permanent commands.

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