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Error message when connecting to my firewall (2015-03-13 16:42 by farpet #75727)


I have used Tera Term v4.85 ( to make a script for backing up the configuration in my five firewalls

When I connect to one of my five firewalls, I get the error message: "Type mismatch for decoded server_host_key_blob @ handle_SSH2_dh_gex_reply"

I have tried to connect using putty (and another SSH client) and then I can connect without any problems. I don't think the problem is on the firewall - more likely it is in TeraTerm?

What can I do to sort out what the problem is?

Any advice is appreciated


Re: Error message when connecting to my firewall (2015-03-13 18:05 by (del#1144) #75729)

This snapshot shows key types.

And please let us know debug message from TTSSH.log. To output debug message to file, set LogLevel to 100.

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