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Change version control system to Git (2020-01-29 22:53 by yegorich #84217)

Dear maintainer,

are there any plans to move to git instead of Subversion? I am checking out the project and it takes ages and occupies about 2.6GBs.
With git you'll get a very cheap branching and tagging mechanism because these are just pointers to the relevant commits.

Patch creation is also much simpler with git. See the help to the "git format-patch" command.

Thanks for your great project.

Best regards,

Re: Change version control system to Git (2020-01-31 13:46 by doda #84225)

There are no plans to switch to a Git repository.
You can use git-svn to access Subversion repositories with git command.
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Re: Change version control system to Git (2020-01-31 18:51 by yegorich #84230)

OK. I see.

I just wanted to point out the benefits of using git and perhaps "urge" towards moving to a different platform like GitHub and Co that would make contributions easier and more stable via using the CI services like TravisCI and AppVeyor (AFAIK doesn't provide such functionality). This way each PR could be checked for coding style, syntax, spelling, and "buildabilty" on different Visual Studio and CMake versions before being merged into the master branch.

And the best thing about git is the tig utility :-) Once you've tried it, you'll never want to use anything else.

Just my 2 cents.
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