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Using an ssh Cert Authority (2018-08-07 08:51 by glathe1851 #81696)

I am working a project which uses a local SSH cert-authority - but I do not find an obvious path to make that work with teraterm...

Does Teraterm support this functionality?

My requirements are:
1) Accept any host with a host certificate signed by the CA - including wildcards
This would be similar to a line in 'known_hosts' like: "@cert-authority * ssh-rsa AAAAB..."
Within Linux I also need to provide a list of trusted user CA keys for public keys to verify certificates.

2) Present a user certificate for my public key which is signed by the CA
I would need to set my ssh key-pair somewhere and provide the certificate.
However, the ssh setup does not seem to provide a path to do this.

I need both sides or we just can't use teraterm...

Re: Using an ssh Cert Authority (2018-09-01 00:30 by (del#1144) #81823)

This function is not supported in current version.

But this feature was requested in Mar 2016
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