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Time2015-09-01 01:17:03

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--- trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html (revision 5981)
+++ trunk/doc/en/html/about/history.html (revision 5982)
@@ -47,10 +47,7 @@
4747 <li>Bug fixes
4848 <ul>
4949 <li>When the port number is not 23 on local connection, the Cygwin connection starts by Alt+D(Duplicate session) key.</li>
51- <li>The Alt + cursor key in the KEYBOARD.CNF can not work well when the Meta=left/right is configured.</li>
52- <li><a href="../menu/setup-keyboard.html#MetaKey">Metaキー設定</a>をleftまたはrightに設定している時に、KEYBOARD.CNFで設定したAltキーとカーソルキーやInsert等の編集キーパッドとの組み合わせが正しく使えない問題を修正した。</li>
50+ <li>When the <a href="../menu/setup-keyboard.html#MetaKey">Meta key</a> is set to left or right, the combination key with the Alt and the cursor/Insert/etc edit keypad can not work well in the KEYBOARD.CNF.</li>
5451 </ul>
5552 </li>
@@ -2618,14 +2615,11 @@
26182615 <ul>
26192616 <li>added the "Hostkey rotation" entry on the "<a href="../menu/setup-ssh.html#HostkeyRotation">TTSSH: Setup</a>" dialog box.</li>
26202617 <li>The host key rotation(derived from OpenSSH 6.8 or later) dialog is changed from MessageBox to DialogBox(same as <a href="../usage/ssh.html#securitywarning">Security Warning</a>).</li>
2621- <li>A minimum value of the group size DH-GEX requested can be specified.<!-- Diffie-Hellman group exchange 鍵交換方式で、要求するグループサイズの最小値を指定できるようにした。 -->
2618+ <li>A minimum value of the requesting group size can be specified with the Diffie-Hellman group exchange key exchange method.
26222619 <ul>
26232620 <li>added the <a href="../setup/teraterm-ini.html#GexMinimalGroupSize">GexMinimalGroupSize</a> entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is 0.</li>
26242621 </ul></li>
2626- <li>The Arcfour series cipher algorithm is disabled by default in the CipherOrder entry of the teraterm.ini file.</li>
2627- <li>デフォルトの<a href="../menu/setup-ssh.html#CipherOrder">優先する暗号アルゴリズムの順</a>で、Arcfour系の暗号が無効になるよう優先順位を変更した。</li>
2622+ <li>The Arcfour series cipher algorithm is disabled by default in the <a href="../menu/setup-ssh.html#CipherOrder">Preferred cihper order</a>.
26292623 <li>An error number can be included in the error message regarding the X11 port-forwarding failure.</li>
26302624 </ul>
26312625 </li>
@@ -2632,10 +2626,7 @@
26332627 <li>Bug fixes
26342628 <ul>
2636- <li>added a workaround for IOS SSH server bug because the Tera Term 4.87(TTSSH 2.73) can not connect to the Cisco device.</li>
2637- <li>Tera Term 4.87(TTSSH 2.73) で一部の Cisco の機器へ接続できない問題への処置を追加した。</li>
2629+ <li>added a workaround because the Tera Term 4.87(TTSSH 2.73) can not connect to a part of Cisco devices.</li>
26392630 <li>When the known_hosts file is updated by the host key rotation, an appliction fault will be occurred after the fingerprint display of the version dialog.</li>
26402631 </ul>
26412632 </li>
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