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                CygTerm+ - yet another Cygwin console

                Using Cygwin with a terminal emulator.

                (C) 2006-2016 TeraTerm Project

                Based on CygTerm by Original developer:
                Copyright (C) 2000-2006 NSym


      (English) https://googledrive.com/host/0B1s-dM6d6yC4fmhEZ3c0VTNFWEFtV3daUlRGQmFHVnBmVHRybUNnUVliNWktNDRlZ2NnZTQ/index-e.html

     (Japanese) https://googledrive.com/host/0B1s-dM6d6yC4fmhEZ3c0VTNFWEFtV3daUlRGQmFHVnBmVHRybUNnUVliNWktNDRlZ2NnZTQ/index.html

// P R E F A C E //

    This is an experiment trying to substitute a terminal emulator for the
    DOS window as Cygwin console.  However, assume that it is carried out
    without the mechanism of remote login.  In other words, it doesn't use
    `inetd', `in.telnetd' or `login'.

// I D E A //

    Invoking a terminal emulator and Cygwin shell, and relaying their I/O.
    One simple solution is just to implement a program to do this.

// S P E C I F I C A T I O N //

    1. When this program is run, a terminal emulator starts, and a shell
       prompt appears there, it can be used for Cygwin console.

    2. The terminal emulator and the shell have to be selectable.

    3. Screen control of the shell side has to work correctly and follow
       window resizing of the terminal emulator.

// D E S I G N //

    Details of cygterm.exe

      [1] Prepare a listener socket to wait for a TELNET connection.
          Find out an unused TCP port number to assign to the socket from a
          specified range.

      [2] Invoke a terminal emulator in another thread.
          Then specify IP address `' and the port number [1] in the
          command line arguments.

      [3] Accept the connection from the terminal emulator.
          Refuse it except a connection from `' in security.

      [4] Do fork(), and in the child process, invoke a shell under PTY
          (pseudo terminal) slave side.

      [5] Relay I/O between the TELNET connection socket [3] and the PTY
          master side of [4].

    Support for TELNET protocol (options negotiation)

        Receive the notification of terminal-type from a terminal emulator,
        and apply it to the environment variable TERM on a shell.

        Receive the notification of terminal-size from a terminal emulator,
        and apply it to window size of PTY.


    cygterm.exe is implemented as an window-less Win32 application.

// S O U R C E //

    README       -  this file
    README-j     -  original README in Japanese
    COPYING      -  GNU General Pulic License (GPL) Version 2
    Makefile     -  MAKEFILE for installation
    cygterm.cc   -  program source code
    cygterm.cfg  -  configuration file

    * CygTerm is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU
      General Public License (GPL) published by Free Software Foundation.
      See COPYING. (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html)

      Note: Any program including non-GPL program can invoke the CygTerm
            executable (cygterm.exe) and communicate with it.

// I N S T A L L //

    Do `make install' under Cygwin.

    * Be sure to specify the install directory by BINDIR in Makefile
      in advance.  cygterm.exe and cygterm.cfg are installed in BINDIR.
      cygterm.cfg is not overwritten.

// C O N F I G U R A T I O N //

    cygterm.cfg is a configuration file.  This includes definitions for the
    command lines of a terminal emulator and a shell, and several parameters.
    cygterm.cfg is loaded from the same directory cygterm.exe exists in.

      An example of cygterm.cfg
      | TERM = C:\program files\ttermpro\ttermpro.exe %s %d /KR=SJIS /KT=SJIS
      | TERM_TYPE = vt100
      | PORT_START = 20000
      | PORT_RANGE = 40
      | SHELL = /bin/bash
      | ENV_1 = MAKE_MODE=unix
      | ENV_2 = HOME=/home
      |   :         :

        This is the command line to execute a terminal emulaitor.
        Specify the full path to the command if it isn't in Windows search path.
        This needs to be described `%s' and `%d' for the host and port number.

        This terminal type is adopted when the terminal emulator did not give
        a terminal type. (default: vt100)  Then this value is set to the
        environment variable TERM on a shell.

        This is the minimum TCP port number allowed for use. (default: 20000)

        This is the maximum number of TCP ports allowed for use. (default: 40)

        cygterm.exe looks for an unused port number between PORT_START and
        PORT_START+PORT_RANGE, and therefore can be run concurrently as many
        as this number.

        This is the command line to execute a shell in Cygwin side (normally
        /bin/bash). (default: get from /etc/passwd)
        Specify the full path to the shell or keyword "AUTO".

        If this parameter is set to yes, shell is invoked as a login shell.
        (default: no)

        If this parameter is set to yes, current directory is changed to home
        directory before invoke a shell. (default: no)

        Specify the timeout of socket for waiting telnet connection from
        terminal emulator. (default: 5secs)

        If this parameter is set to yes, cygterm provides ssh-agent proxy.
        (default: no)

        This is the environment variable to be set when starting the shell.
        It should be of the form `name=value' (like putenv).  It is possible to
        give as many environment variables as needed by beginning with "ENV_".

// U S A G E //

    Command Line Options

        cygterm.exe [-t 'terminal-emulator'] [-p port-number] [-dumb]
                    [-s 'shell'] [-ls | -nols] [-cd | -nocd] [-a | -A]
                    [-v 'env-var' ...] [-d 'directory] [-o 'option']

    -t 'terminal-emulator'
            Specify the command line of a terminal emulator to execute.
            This format is the same as TERM in the configuration file.
            The command line should be enclosed in quotes to include spaces.

    -p port-number
            Instead of executing a terminal emulator, try connection to this
            port number of localhost.  It is considered another program uses
            `-p' option to use Cygwin via cygterm.exe

            Suppress the TELNET options negotiation.  And ignore any TELNET
            commands sent from terminal side.  The environment variable
            TERM is set to `dumb' on the shell side.

    -s 'shell'
            Specify the command line of a shell on Cygwin to execute.
            This format is the same as SHELL in the configuration file.
            The command line should be enclosed in quotes to include spaces.
            Any command can be spedicied even if a non-shell command.

            Execute a shell as a login shell.

            Execute a shell as a normal (not login) shell.

            The current directory is moved to the user home directory and
            the shell is invoked.

            The shell is invoked without changing the current directory.

            Enable ssh-agent forwarding support.

            Disable ssh-agent forwarding support.

    -v 'env-var'
            Specify the environment variable to be set when starting the shell.
            This format is the same as ENV_X in the configuration file.
            The expression should be enclosed in quotes to include spaces.
            One or more `-v' options are available.

    -d 'directory'
            The current directory is moved to the specified directory and
            the shell is invoked.

    -o 'parameter'
            Additional parameter for terminal-emulator.

    The terminal emulator or connection port number, and the shell on Cygwin,
    these need to be specified at least.  If these are given on the command
    line, cygterm.exe can be run without configuration file cygterm.cfg.

    cygterm.exe is an Win32 application which uses cygwin1.dll.  It can be run
    from Cygwin command line or a shortcut on Windows.

    * It is necessary the Windows environment variable PATH includes a
      directory path of cygwin1.dll (normally Cygwin-root\bin) to be run
      from Windows.

// N O T E S //

    * Attention in Tera Term

        If your terminal emulator is Tera Term be careful not to save [Setup]
        [Save setup] in the situation that it was started by cygterm.exe.
        Otherwise telnet port number of TCP/IP is saved but 23 you will be
        confused by connection failure when you normally run Tera Term to do
        telnet.  In that case it will be recovered by saving the setting
        with specifying TCP/IP Port# 23.

// T E S T E D  O N //

    As of 2010-Oct, CygTerm+ has been tested in the following environments.

        WindowsXP SP3 + Cygwin 1.5.25-15
        WindowsXP SP3 + Cygwin 1.7.7

        Terminal emulator:
                Tera Term Pro 2.3
                Tera Term 4.67
                PuTTY 0.60
                bash 3.2.51
                zsh 4.3.10

// C H A N G E S //
v1.07_28 2016/11/26 (by maya)
        * Changed the icon image.

v1.07_28 2016/02/17 (by doda)
        * Add debug mode.

v1.07_27 2016/02/09 (by doda)
        * The directory selection by -d option is prior to -cd option
        * When -d option is specified by using -ls option(LOGIN_SHELL=y),
           CHERE_INVOKING=y is set.

v1.07_26 2015/12/14 (by doda)
        * Add multiple connections support for the ssh-agent proxy.

v1.07_25 2015/02/21 (by doda)
        * Bug fix: The TERM environment variable can not be configured.

v1.07_24 2013/08/15 (by maya)
        * Support for 64bit Cygwin. (cyglaunch)

v1.07_23 2011/04/18 (by doda)
        * Display error message when chdir() was failed.

v1.07_22 2011/03/03 (by maya)
        * Delete mutex object for running check by installer.

v1.07_21 2011/02/28 (by maya)
        * Add mutex object for running check by installer.

v1.07_20 2010/10/20 (by doda)
        * Directory change timing with '-d' option is delayed. (security fix)

v1.07_19 2010/01/28 (by doda)
        * Accept keyword "AUTO" with '-s' option.

v1.07_18 2010/01/19 (by doda)
        * Delete doubule quote character from '-d' option's parameter.

v1.07_17 2009/06/16 (by doda)
        * Added TELNET SGA/ECHO negotiation.

v1.07_16 2008/11/21 (by doda)
        * The option that enables ssh-agent proxy support is changed from '-a'
          to '-A'.
        * Added '-a' option that disables ssh-agent proxy support.

v1.07_15 2008/11/01 (by doda)
        * Added ssh-agent proxy support.

v1.07_14 2007/12/17 (by doda)
        * Added '-o' option that is specifies the additional parameters for

v1.07_13 2007/08/03 (by maya)
        * Added '-d' option that is specifies the start directory.

v1.07_12 2007/06/10 (by doda)
        * Add 'SOCKET_TIMEOUT' entry which the timeout value of socket for
          waiting telnet connection in cygterm.cfg file.

v1.07_11 2007/01/31 (import from cygterm v1.07)
        * Avoid WinMainCRTStartup() redefinition error with gcc 3.4.
        * Give an output gap for keyboard interrupt.

v1.06_11 2006/09/29 (by maya)
        * Stopped using HOME from environment variable and /etc/passwd.
          CygTerm passes HOME which is set by Cygwin. See also /etc/profile
        * Changed the priority of config files.
          command line arguments > ~/.cygtermrc > /etc/cygterm.conf
          > cygterm.cfg > /etc/passwd

v1.06_10 2006/09/28 (by doda)
        * Use getlogin() instead of environment variable USERNAME to get
          user name.

v1.06_09 2006/09/25 (by doda)
        * Get shell information from /etc/passwd if SHELL parameter is not

v1.06_08 2006/08/30 (by maya)
        * Changed the priority of config files. cygterm.cfg is top priority
          config file.

v1.06_07 2006/08/19 (by maya)
        * Use `HOME' environment variable for changing home directory if the
          variable will be set.

v1.06_06 2006/08/18 (by doda)
        * Limit a parameter length of both '-s' and '-t' option.

v1.06_05 2006/08/18 (by maya)
        * Create mutex object for running check by installer.

v1.06_04 2006/08/15 (by doda)
        * Add 'LOGIN_SHELL' entry which the shell is invoked as the login shell
          in cygterm.cfg file.

          LOGIN_SHELL: yes | no

v1.06_03 2006/08/15 (by doda)
        * Add 'HOME_CHDIR' entry which home directory is changed in cygterm.cfg

          HOME_CHDIR: yes | no

v1.06_02 2006/02/09 (by babydamons@yahoo.co.jp)
        * Generated CygTerm's ICON by "DotWork 2.50".
          "DotWork 2.50" is available at http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~suuta/.
          Special Thanks to "suuta at hamal dot freemal dot ne dot jp"

        * Makefile was changed, "clean" target was changed to don't remove

v1.06_01 2006/02/08 (by babydamons@yahoo.co.jp)
        * The following configuration file reading was supported:
            + /etc/cygterm.conf
            + ~/.cygtermrc

        * Shell is invoked with user's home-directory.

        * Get account configuration from /etc/passwd by getpwnam(3),
          getting account name from USERNAME environment by getenv(3).

        * Makefile was changed, default build is with icon executable.

v1.06 2004/01/24
        * The following command line options were added:
            -t 'terminal-emulator' (specifies the terminal emulator)
            -p port-number (specifies the port# to connect)
            -dumb (specifies dumb terminal mode)
            -s 'shell' (specifies the shell)
            -v 'env-var' (specifies environment variables)

        * Fixed to fail in `make install' if BINDIR was not found.

        * cygterm.cc and README.txt were changed to English version.

v1.05 2003/01/14
        * Fixed to transmit Ctrl+SPACE (NUL).
          The NUL character was not able to be transmitted even if Ctrl+SPACE
          was typed, because it was ignored simply as an way to handle the
          newline CR+NUL.

v1.04 2002/12/08
        * Changed to display error messages for failure to execute a terminal
          emulator or a shell.

        * Makefile was changed.
          + do not overwrite cygterm.cfg when `make install'.
          + add the gcc option -fno-exceptions against the GCC-3 link error.

v1.03 2002/07/24
        * Fixed to convert terminal type into lower-case when cygterm received
          it from a terminal emulator.  Because some upper-case values such as
          `ANSI' `VT100' of the environment variable TERM might not be found
          in terminfo depending on the kind of terminal emulator.
          (Windows 2000 telnet.exe, etc)

v1.02 2002/07/22
        * Fix to be able to start a terminal emulator even if it was a console
          application.  (Windows 2000 telnet.exe, etc)
          There was a mistake in calling CreateProcess().

        * Fixed to suppress duplicate newline on a shell by canceling LF when
          a terminal emulator sent CR+LF.  (Windows 98 telnet.exe, etc)

        * Embedded the version number in cygterm.exe executable code.
          How to check: $ strings cygterm.exe | grep version

v1.01 2002/07/19
        * Fixed that cygterm did not work with zsh or tcsh.
          Input was blocked when zsh or tcsh started, because the approach to
          open the pseudo terminal was not good.

v1.00 2000/12/17
        * The initial version was released.

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