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Tera Term is Tera Term Pro 2.3 succession version and is being officially recognized by the original author. Tera Term is open source free software terminal emulator supporting UTF-8 protocol. Now TTSSH supports SSH2 protocol (Original version supports SSH1).

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(Parent folder) 2018-04-11 03:25 507 B 2018-04-11 03:25 8.13 MB 2018-04-18 15:06 8.48 MB
 snapshot-r7128-20180609-maya.exe 2018-06-09 14:04 13.53 MB 2018-12-25 14:08 8.12 MB 2019-03-05 11:34 8.13 MB

Tera Term snapshots

There is snapshots of development version.

It is possibly fickleness than release version. It is also possibly contains pre-released bug fix and/or new feature.

Tera Term スナップショット


リリース前の物件なので、リリース版より不安定なことがあります。また、まだリリ ースされていないバグ修正や新機能が実装されているかもしれません。