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visible TeraTerm window slows down machine

Open Date: 2009-07-31 00:18 Last Update: 2009-07-31 00:18

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I just discovered that a visible TeraTerm window (4.63) slows down my machine when data is constantly received @115200 baud. This can be seen by to facts:

1. Scrolling in an editor window is not smooth

2. Sometimes regular harddisk access ( once per second ) are being heard.

This disappears when the TeraTerm window is minimized. Such effects do not happen e.g. with Putty. I usually have a log window of an embedded device open all the times to see its output. However this slows down my editor, so I tend to open and close it.

Regards, Ulrich

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RAM is 3GB, so this is not the fault.

2010-10-12 22:48 Updated by: None

We have 3 engineers using Tera Term as a debug console for embedded systems software development. All are using modern PCs purchased within the last year, and if they send a lot of data from the embedded system to Tera Term, it slows down the machine - the mouse lags, other windows take a long time to refresh, etc. The same amount of data sent to other console terminals like Hyperterminal does not do this.


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