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XMODEM send problem

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1.I use Tera Term as a sender with XMODEM. 2.I send a xx.bin file for upload my program. remote side is my developed board, I receive this file in my bootloader 3.I use Checksum 128bytes packet , add head and checksum is 132bytes 4.sorry about this question, I donot got is, what is Binary flag, I donot got relevent information in the protocol. I don't know how to add the the attachment. please leave your mail address as I can send you the log .

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submitted by ldy2534 at 2010-07-02 12:10 ID: 4376 description all_NG.bin : recode the data Tera Term send and ACK I response, NG version all_OK.bin : same environment I send data use secureCRT, OK recv_NG.bin: recode the data that Tera Term sended.

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Could you please attach log files too? To enable log, XmodemLog=on in teraterm.ini.

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sorry about bother you , I got information from your log, I'm sure that you are right. I'm wrong, but I still not find the reason.

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How the *.bin files are recorded?

If you set XmodemLog=on and send a file with XMODEM, 'xmodem.log' is saved in teraterm directory. Please let us see the xmodem.log.

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Reply To maya

How the *.bin files are recorded? If you set XmodemLog=on and send a file with XMODEM, 'xmodem.log' is saved in teraterm directory. Please let us see the xmodem.log.

I have set XmodemLog=on , and I got the xmodem.log. and I analyse the xmodem.log, the result the Tera Term is right, There must have some error happen to my program . Thank you , please close this problem.

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I got it. Thanks.

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hi. I still have some confuse. 1. At first I will send NAK to Tera Term 2. I chose the file I want to send , but it will take some time, you know I wll resend the NAK after 3second timeout, you will see in the log I send three NAK to you . there are two NAK after you send the first packet, but I believe the two NAK is not the packet's response. is't it.

I think perhap you can't receive the NAK when I chose the target file which I want to send.Is there something wrong.

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recently I also noticed some problems with X-Modem/CRC, when I tried to download a firmware update file to an embedded device. With Hyperterminal this problem did not occur. So I analyzed the problem, and I assume it has to do with the time needed for processing the data in the embedded device and the time out of Teraterm, until the packet is resent again! Let's make it clear by an example. Teraterm sends the first packet, the embedded device controller has to store this data in its flash memory (this time varies from device to device and may take some 1/100 seconds ). After this the controller sends an ACK to Teraterm. If the ACK does not appear within a certain time, teraterm resends the packet. When the controller has finished the storage of the received data, it listens again on the serial line. So the controller will not hear the correct start of the package and not-acknowledge this packet with the same ID.

Is there a way to tune the time-out before Teraterm resends the package?


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下記フォーラムでパッチが上がっており、本件の修正につながる可能性あり。 4.72 ターゲットで取り込む。

why the first xmodem packet been always send out twice? http://logmett.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=354

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