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corrupt output in terminal window

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This bug has existed for a long time in TerraTerm.

After 20 to 30 minutes of use, or after a large volume of data has been sent/displayed on screen the output becomes very corrupted. The only solution is to exit terraterm and restart.

It is easy to reproduce - for example connect two PCs together, on PC(A) send a large file (2 to 3 megabytes) at a high baudrate (example 115200)

In my case I have a small embeded ARM cpu board with a serial port that generates lots of data. I can do the same with two PCs.

The receiving PC may overflow and get lost during the high volume transfer. But - when the data transfer has completed or stopped - I would expect the display to return to normal. I should be able to "reset" or "clear" the display and return to normal operation. I cannot. I should not be required to *exit* terra term.

NOTE: If I am capturing the log data, the data seems reasonable and not corrupted. Only the screen gets corrupted.

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2010-08-24 21:57 Updated by: None
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2011-03-30 21:29 Updated by: (del#24082)

Tera Term screen may be corrupted when some escape sequences are dropped. This is not bug but normal behavior. If you want to recover your screen, "Reset terminal" on the Control menu.

2011-06-17 13:36 Updated by: None

Same situation here. The corrupted data look like: [ 596.105125] addr, val: 0xf7090608, 0x1030e0f0 [ 596.105759] addr, val: 0xf709060c, 0x10284028 <== normal case [ 596.106392] addr, val: 0xf7090610108294] addr, val: 0xf709061c, 0x40404040 <== error case [ 596.108927] addr, val: 0xf7090620, 0x00000000 [ 596.109561] addr, val: 0xf7090624, 0x00402010 But in my case it also happens when capturing the log. This problem does not happen on HyperTerminal. Is it because TeraTerm uses a different sync mechanism?

2012-05-02 08:58 Updated by: None

TeraTerm is my favorite terminal but it's been impossible for me to debug due to this issue. I have had to switch to HyperTerminal and Eclipse terminal when I encounter this issue. Can a new option or configuration be added to disable certain escape sequences?

2012-09-27 16:23 Updated by: None

have the same problem, can't find any solution :) i think it has nothing to do with teraterm, it must be a windows7 problem

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