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TerraTerm Crash

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I use TerraTerm v4.72 to send a text to an embedded computer using XON/XOF protocol at 57600 bps, 8n1 on Serial Port. Terminal is set to VT100. After 600 bytes are transferred, TerraTerm crashes ( I think while waiting for XON ) with a message box: Terra Term: Application fault. eax=004CB067 ebx=00000001 ecx=3FFEC41A edx=00000002 esi=00519FFD edi=00519F9C ebp=0013FE70 esp=0013FE68 eip=1000838A efl=00010202 cs=001B ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003B gs=0000 Exception: ACCESS_VIOLATION #1 0x1000838a in -- at ttpcmn.dll #2 0x1000365d in CommRawOut() + 0x4d at ttpcmn.dll #3 0x00175bb0 in -- at <Unknown Module>

I use Windows XP SP3. Changing the baud rate does not resolve the issue. Other Terminal Program can send the file to the embedded system. This bug has been around for at least two years, all versions. If I remove the XON/XOFF flow control, it does not crash but the receivers buffers overflow.

Thanks in Advance for looking at this. Dan deBeer

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Thank you for your feedback. Would you please reproduce your problem below archive(Debug symbol version) and report it to us?


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This problem also happens with hardware handshaking on a USB serial port (FTDI chip, 11520,N,8,1). In TeraTerm 3.1.3 the program window simply closes rather than showing the error pop-up described above. It seems to happen as soon as the buffer fills up after the remote device has dropped CTS to indicate buffer full. This makes it very difficult to send a file to a device which needs to use flow control to prevent buffer overflow.

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