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Supporting Server module in Tera Term(Forwarding the whole send/receive via Telnet)

Open Date: 2013-03-21 21:45 Last Update: 2015-11-07 00:09

Reporter: ararunprasad Owner: (None)
Type: Feature Requests Status: Open
Component: Tera Term MileStone: (None)
Priority: 5 - Medium Severity: 5 - Medium
Resolution: None


I need a option to configure the Tera Term as a Server, so that I can access the Tera Term using Telnet.

Simply this feature enables the communication between two Tera Term applications using Client/Server architecture.

Useful Scenarios

1. We can forward the COM/UART connections across PC. That means, we can configure the Tera Term connected to COM/UART port as a server and allow access to this server via TCP connection, so any client can connect to the server tera term & access it. Useful while working with embedded systems where Tera Term used to view debug prints via serial port, one can access it from remote.

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2013-03-21 21:45 Updated by: ararunprasad
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I'm new to tera term, if you guys agree then I will implement this feature and provide the patch.

2015-11-07 00:09 Updated by: yutakapon
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