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TTL Macro outside of ttermpro.exe directory

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I am having an issue trying to send custom macros outside of the ttermpro.exe directory

Is there any way to set the macro directory prior to a command line launch?

For example:

subprocess.call(['C:\\Program Files (x86)\\teraterm\\ttermpro.exe','/C=COM1','/BAUD=115200', '/M=macro_outside_directory.ttl'])

This is an example of the command I use to launch teraterm. I want to be able to run the macro_outside_directory without having to copy and paste the ttl file into the program directory. So that's why I was wondering if there was a way I could call setdir concurrently with the launching of teraterm via command line.

Thank you for the help!

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modify the teratrem.ini file or create an .ini file and set the ; Default directory for file transfers FileDir=(the dir you want)

example: ; Default directory for file transfers FileDir=C:\test\file


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