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Windows blue screen after repeated reconnects and close log file

Open Date: 2017-05-23 23:31 Last Update: 2017-05-23 23:31

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I am using TeraTerm version 4.93 on a PC running Windows 8.1. I have a macro that will send commands through a serial port at 115200 baud to an embedded device that will power cycle it every 5 minutes. When I power cycle the device, TeraTerm loses the connection and then re-establishes that connection. If I log the output and run this macro overnight to test the Power-On Self Test on my device, it will run normally for about 1.5 hours (19 times) and then stop communicating with the device. The macro continues to run and the dispstr output is the only thing that appears on the terminal. If I stop the macro, I still cannot communicate with the device via TeraTerm. As soon as I close the log file, the PC blue screens with the message "Kernel_Security_Check_Failure". After my PC restarts I can open TeraTerm and communicate with the embedded device again which tells me that the issue is not within the firmware on the embedded device. My guess is that TeraTerm is not cleaning up its ports with all of these reconnects and when the log file is closed that releases some semaphore that all these old connections are waiting on which results in the blue screen.

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