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Binary File Receive Feature

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TeraTerm does not currently support direct binary file receiving it has to be done via the various transfer protocols such as xmodem,ymodem, zmodem etc.

I am using the serial port connection and would like to request a window similar to 'File/ Send file...' be added called 'File/Receive file...' with a 'receive now' button to start a direct binary file transfer. It would include a byte count displaying the bytes received and a 'stop receiving' button to terminate the transfer and close the file. When the 'receive now' button is pressed TeraTerm would send out a null code 00H to signal to the connected serial port peripheral to send the binary file. There would be a file name box so the user could enter a name and select the directory etc. just like the Tera Term:Send File dialog window works now.

Other terminal emulators like PowerTerm Interconnect and AdvancedSerialPort Terminal 6 support direct binary file receive but they don't work properly, they display garbage data on the screen during the transfers.

I've been using TeraTerm for years and it is the best terminal emulator I have been able to find, it just lacks this one feature. I currently use the direct binary file send and now need to do direct binary file receive.

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