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Extra space received if text line wraps

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I have connected to a linux box and I want to run a recursive MD5SUM from a directory that I navigate to.

So I send the following commands:

cd /media/USB_HDD_4/ReadyNAS-A/data/Documents
find . -type f -exec md5sum '{}' \;

Before sending the #10 to finish the line, I wait for the entire sent cmd to be echoed back:

send cmdline
wait cmdline
send #10

However, the matching of the 3rd line being received failed and I eventually got a connection timeout. I was logging the session and I found that what was perceived as received contained an extra space between the word "exec" and the word "md5sum". I sent 1 space but 2 were recorded in the log:

Tx: find#.#-type#f#-exec#md5sum#'{}'#\;

Rx: find#.#-type#f#-exec##md5sum#'{}'#\;

(I have used "#" to represent spaces due to the way that this portal seems to adjust the formatting of my post - at least in preview mode)

What I then noticed was that my terminal window was 80x24 and the "c" of "exec" was the last character of a line. This caused a wrap on the screen and the next line that appeared normally in teraterm, beginning " md5", was recorded in the log file with an extra space.

To prove the point, I resized the terminal window to be 120x24. When I re-ran the script the stuff I was waiting for no longer wraped to the next line and my wait matched perfectly and the script ran.

I can continue for now... until the time when whatever I am doing happens to wrap this workaround screen width.

Kind regards,


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Extra space is sent by the shell.

It is correct behavior that Tera Term passes the space to macro.

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