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IDOpen DateLast UpdateSummaryOwnerReporterTypeMileStoneComponentPrioritySeverityStatusResolutionTotal vote countPositive vote countNegative vote countVote scorePositive vote rationNegative vote ration
312962013-05-06 03:022015-11-07 21:05Faster sending of files from network sourcetentnerPatches5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenNone00000.0%0.0%
311532013-04-14 08:182013-04-14 21:18Select "Selection" by default in printer dialog when there is a selection (Patch attached!)tentnerPatches5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenNone00000.0%0.0%
142792008-12-15 20:372019-10-15 23:34Additional functions in tera term macroPatchesTera Term Macro5 - Medium5 - MediumOpenNone00000.0%0.0%