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Univalent GNU/Linux (UNIversal, VALiant, and ENTertaining GNU Linux, /jùːnəvéilənt/) is Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution. The operability is very similar to MS-Win (except i3-wm).You can also easily install it with the Calamares installer. Of course, you can also start it live from USB or DVD. Because we use the Arch repository, we always have the latest software available.

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Released at 2022-09-22 06:00
Plasma 22.09.21-Beta2 (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

Second beta
The development was delayed and there was a little while from the last time.

Summer holidays are coming to an end...




Remove "Discover" and consolidate software centre into "Pamac"


日本語表示に問題があります。手動で「/etc/locale.conf」の「ja_JP.UTF-8/UTF-8 \」の「/UTF-8 \」を削除して下さい。削除後は「ja_JP.UTF-8」という表記になる筈です。