This page explains terms used in the Univalent community. When adding new words, please put them in alphabetical order.
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JOTR, Akita Broadcasting System; TV channels 35, No. 4, NTV Network; radio channels 936 kHz, cross-net between JRN and NRN... not.
"Arch Build System", which allows you to create new packages for software that doesn't already have a package, modify existing packages, acquire kernel modules, and even rebuild the entire system using flags just like Gentoo.
Somewhat similar to BSD Ports.
It's not necessary to use, but it's very useful.

Alchg Linux

Arch-based GNU/Linux developed by the Alchg Project. The pronunciation is /ɔlˈtʃeɡ ˈliːnʊks/. (Perhaps) it was the second to be developed in Japan. At live startup, select "Copy to RAM" to run as fast as your resources allow.

Alter Linux

Japan's first Arch-based GNU/Linux, Developed by Fascode Network. It's pronounced /ˈæltəː ˈliːnʊks/.
It is stronger than UVGL, with a modified kernel called Zen, complete Japanese translation, and a 32-bit version being developed. It has many things in common with UVGL, including a Calamares installer, multiple editions, and repository sharing with Arch. In fact, UVGL was developed with reference to Alter, but UVGL isn't an Alter family. As a derivative OS, there are "GrowthLinux" and "AquaLightOS (link broken)" and more.

Arch Linux

Our mother ship. "Simple" with no unnecessary additional modifications ; "Latest" with rolling releases and continuous upgrades ; "Practical" rather than ideal ; "User-centric" to meet the needs of contributors ; "General" with which you can add your favorite software ; and "Elegant."


One of the unofficial repositories. Unlike others, they build from source code instead of binary packages. You can write and post a shell script called "PKGBUILD" or download it from here to create a package. The finished package can be deployed directly with pacman.


A set of definition files for UniVaISO, available for download from GitHub.


One of *NIX-like operating systems. Recursive acronym for "GNU is not UNIX".
The official kernel, "Hurd," is still incomplete, so it is currently combined with the Linux and FreeBSD kernels as an operating system.


This is not a hentai game brand of WORKMAN CO.,LTD. (and not related to work clothes stores).
An abbreviation of "Keep it simple, stupid!". It is a sentence that seems to lick other people but this principle is important
Dr. Einstein said, "Everything should be simple, but it's not good to be too simple." Gentoo is too simple and over-spec. Just use your favorite OS.


The kernel, developed by L. Torvalds at the head of the project. The operating system combined with the aforementioned GNU software is called "GNU/Linux" and includes the original kernel, as well as Linux Zen, which was developed for the Arch family, and Linux-libre, which is entirely free of proprietary material.
After, meaning, "Linux is not UNIX," was added.

Radio New Japan Broadcasting Club

A Doujin Circle developing UVGL. Its slogan is "Love Our Hometown," and it celebrates its 5th anniversary on July 9, 2022.
Official web site (Sorry, that page is Japanese only...)


Where compiled packages are located.
The Arch official are:
core - Package required for complete command line system
extra - Package that is not required for operation but is very useful
community - Package with more than a certain amount of user votes from AUR
multilib - A package used when you want to run 32-bit software. Disabled by default
The other additions to UVGL are:
chaotic-aur - Compiled AUR package
univalent - UVGL repository. Packages for UVGL or not available on Chaotic.

Univa G

This is a derogatory term. Don't call it that because it's also related to trademark rights.
In addition, the tea refined from the leaves of Banaba is "Uniba-G". I thought it should be written as "Univa" because it was sold from "G Universal".


An abbreviation derived from the first three letters of "universal," "valiant," and "entertaining."

Univalent GNU/Linux

Univalent should be referred to as:
Univalent GNU/Linux
Univalent (GNU/Linux implied)
UVGL (Official abbreviation)
univalentgnulinux (UNIX name)
All others are mutants.