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waddle: Repository summary

Common Lisp library for manipulating Doom and Quake WAD files and PAK files.

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Waddle is a library and command line tool for working with Doom's WAD files and some related formats. It started as a REPL session, then expanded as I needed to do more things, so it's a bit disorganized. But I'm working on that.


Supported Lisp implementations: SBCL, CLisp, or Clozure Common Lisp

You will also need these libraries:

  • p36-lib
  • closer-mop
  • cl-ppcre
  • chipz
  • zpng
  • flexi-streams
  • cl-fad
  • alexandria
  • imago

NOTE: Waddle is in the process of moving its PNG handling to a different library. There may be a few pieces of broken code until this is complete.

How do I get set up?

  • Clone the repository locally
  • Use ASDF to load the system inside of your Lisp implementation (e.g., (asdf:load-system :waddle))
  • Alternatively, load the make-waddle-cmdline.lisp into your Lisp implementation to build the command line program (e.g., sbcl --disable-debugger --load make-waddle-cmdline.lisp)

How to Use

Waddle is divided up into these packages:

  • :P36.WADDLE (nickname: :WADDLE)- This is the main package
  • :P36.WADDLE.UDMF (nickname: :UDMF) - UDMF structures and parsing
  • :P36.WADDLE.CLI - Command line routines, only exists if the waddle-cmdline.asd system is loaded
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