Form上にListViewがありませんか? ListViewのpopulateItemメソッド内でFormComponent類を作成してませんか?





WARNING: though you can nest ListViews within Forms, you HAVE to set the setReuseItems property to true in order to have validation work properly. By default, setReuseItems is false, which has the effect that ListView replaces all child components by new instances. The idea behind this is that you always render the fresh data, and as people usually use ListViews for displaying read-only lists (at least, that's what we think), this is good default behavior. 
However, as the components are replaced before the rendering starts, the search for specific messages for these components fails as they are replaced with other instances. Another problem is that 'wrong' user input is kept as (temporary) instance data of the components. As these components are replaced by new ones, your user will never see the wrong data when setReuseItems is false.