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STed2 for UNIX

 The "STed2" is the high-performance Music Composer System. It had been
working on X680x0 old Japanese personal workstation. STed2 means
perhaps "STep EDitor".  The STed2 has originally been developed by
Mr. Takayuki "TURBO" Toda.

   Mr. Takayuki Toda has dead on Dec. 4. 1997. I express my regret
                       over the his death.
                      May he rest in peace.

 Through many volunteer's good office the source code of the STed2 has
been opened. Since I am an user of original STed2 (working on X680x0)
and regret that development is discontinued forever, I decide to port
the STed2 to UNIX & X environment.


 To start STed2, install 'sted2', 'sted2.cnf', 'sted2.fon' in the same
path (or 'DEFAULT_PATH' in Makefile) and type:

 % sted2

If environment variable 'DISPLAY' is set, X version of STed2 will
raise, or ncurses version will came up. It is same as emacs.


 'sted2.cnf' is runtime configuration file. It contains many
configuration features but it all commented by Japanese :-<
 To use STed2 anyway, configure the following features:

 #PLAYER= flag, (path of external RCP/SMF player)

  External MIDI player. If the player can handle only SMF, set the
bit-0 of flag 0.

 #MIDI_PORT= (path of device name of MIDI-IN)

  MIDI-IN device name. If you want to use MIDI-IN as input method of
STed2, specify the path of device name.
  Although Serial ports (/dev/ttyS0 or else) can also be specified,
STed2 never sets the configuration of serial ports (speed , flow, etc). 
So you should set it manually before start STed2.

 #KEY_??  = (key name)

  In X version, the keyboard arrange can configurable. The
configurable keys are following:

  #KEY_XF1 - #KEY_XF5

  All names are introduced from original X68k version.
  (key name) is the KeySym strings.


This software is provided as-is.  The author can not be held liable
for any damage that might arise from the use of this software.  Use it
at your own risk.

This distribution cannot be GPL2ed. Because the original author has
been died and any permission of changing the distribution policy will
not be given.


 The latest version of STed2 for X will be available at:



 Original "STed2 for X680x0" author:
  TURBO (Takayuki Toda)

 Porting to X:
  Daisuke Nagano <breeze.nagano@nifty.ne.jp>
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