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Project Description

* WolfDBManager2 RCP 
WolfDBManager2 is an Eclipse Rich Client Platform Application for SQL Developer.

* Features(WolfDBManager2) (Alpha release)
- Control Multiple Connection

- Support Mongo-db
+- Select, Insert, Update, Delete
- Support IBM Lotus domino db
+- Select, show ACL, etc...
- Support Evernote
+- Select notebook, note, etc...
- Some of the WolfDBManager1's features.

* WolfDBManager1 RCP 

* Features(WolfDBManager1) (End of development)
SQL Syntax Hilighting
Analyze(Validate) SQL Statement
+-Outline View
+-Properties View

SQL Statement <==> JavaString Literal Each Convert
SQL Statement Folding
Contents Assist
Execute SQL Statement
CSV Import Export
Comparison of ResultSet data (Diff)
Management History
Changable Skin
Support Flash Back Query
HSQLDB Start Stop
Support GraphJFreeChart
Support LinkSQLExecution
Generate ER Diagram
+-Auto layout (Using Zest of GEF-Project)

Migration from vendor DB to other vendor DB (now6.1 only Oracle to Postgre)
Insert into table with binary File
Test data generator
Count Report View


System Requirements

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Released at 2016-02-01 13:49
WolfDBManager2 (Alpha Release) 1.1.8 (5 files Hide)

Release Notes

・Add "shows only difference rows" check box at DiffResultSetView. ・Auto dbresource difference check at connect.

・DiffResultSetViewへの追加機能   差異だけ表示するチェックボックスの追加 ・DB接続時にバックグラウンドスレッドにて自動的に前回取得したDBリソースとの差異を確認して、差があるときだけ、DiffResultSetViewに自動表示するようにしました。


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