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WP2LaTeX sources.

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2b8fcc243530 2022-12-07 10:28:08 Fojtik tip Problem with debug build compillation fixed.
df0437458a2c 2022-12-07 04:30:16 Fojtik More safe cp_lib helper.
26057d50ad62 2022-12-01 20:42:35 Fojtik 3.111
0623e1671274 2022-11-30 07:41:04 Fojtik Improve typedfs.h again, faster operations in high endian...
5ecc3a4f1738 2022-11-28 18:43:26 Fojtik Do not turn on NATIVE_ACCESS for high endian architectures.
1daa6fe81828 2022-11-25 18:05:52 Fojtik Make SUN RAS format to be default for .ras extension.
8865df608664 2022-11-24 08:08:04 Fojtik Forged CVS or TXT could hang WP2LaTeX into endless loop -...
24e495529da3 2022-11-24 05:28:19 Fojtik Use everywhere $(MAKE) instead of make.
cc1a9f9d66fb 2022-11-23 08:19:16 Fojtik Fix several problems related to high-endian architecture,...
f7433b1e7443 2022-11-22 13:57:38 Fojtik Scale down indices in PCX palette when neccessary.

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tip 2b8fcc243530 2022-12-07 10:28:08 Fojtik


Name Rev. Time Author Message
default 2b8fcc243530 2022-12-07 10:28:08 Fojtik Problem with debug build co...

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