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2009-05-05 20:49 (by classiclll)

Wrj4P5 alpha-011, Loc beta-006, l4p5 beta-003 Released!
- Wrj4P5 alpha-011 : ready for BlueCove 2.1.0, and relaxed connection unstability.
- Loc beta-006 : Bug fix. incorrect rotation of Rod,Tad,and Ship.
- l4p5 beta-003 : Bug fix. line2D(Rod)


2009-03-01 17:17 (by classiclll)

Wrj4P5 alpha-010, WiiDrum added with WiiremoteJ v1.6
and some tickets are fixed.
(still unstable connection on PPC-Leopard, my env.)


2008-09-20 23:29 (by classiclll)

compatible with processing 0148+
for Leopard (OS 10.5+), use bluecove-2.0.3+


2008-09-15 00:24 (by classiclll)

please use the processing 0135 until the following bug fixed
see the tracked item
[ #13487] error with the processing 0148


2008-08-24 09:29 (by classiclll)

Correct the Balance Wii Board conection checker's bug, isConnecting()and
Some methods added to the class WiiBoard Loc guessCoG() : the estimation of the center of gravity
boolean isleftZone() : is the CoG on the left side of the board
(Show more...)


2008-08-10 01:47 (by classiclll)

just correcting my release miss!
thank you for your feedback, miss Keys.


2008-08-08 16:00 (by classiclll)

i have just modified the wrj4P5 alpha-006 to correct error, at 2008-08-08-1600 jst
please re-download if you previously downloaded. ... sorry.

2008-08-08 08:18 (by classiclll)

'Wrj4P5 alpha-006' - Balance Board support
Because of some API change between WiiRemoteJ 1.4- and WiiRemoteJ 1.5+,
only the following combinations allowed
(no sketch modification needed)
1. Wrj4P5 alpha-005- and WiiremoteJ (Show more...)


2008-08-01 15:54 (by classiclll)

The newest ver. of WiiremoteJ, v1.5 can handle some Balance Boards.
But it has changed arround some v1.4 APIs.
So please use WiiremoteJ v1.4 until the next Wrj4P5(alpha-006) release.


2008-06-15 01:30 (by classiclll)

1. New stuff in Loc(beta-003)
Vfunc : the model of Vector functions, having root finder, extreme finder, parameter estimator.
EqSys : the model of multi-valued nonlinear equation system, having solver
Mat : linear algebra stuff with the lin (Show more...)
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