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WiiRemote access Library for Proce55ing

  • If you are Japanese see here


Pakages for Proce55ing

  • Wrj4P5 : WiiRemote access Library
  • Loc : 3Dgeom., Vector, Matrix, Equation System, parametric vector function, having solvers
  • l4P5 : (static) methods drawing objects in the pakage Loc on the Processing

The sample sketches are Classiclll's Proce55ing Test Page.

System Requirements

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Released at 2007-10-07 00:37
wrj4p5 alpha-002 (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

Wrj4P5 alpha -002
* added new constructor
* wrj4P5(PApplet parent, boolean mode)
* mode==Wrj4P5.IR -- IRSenserMode, no extention input
* mode==Wrj4P5.EX-- ExtensionMode, no IRInfomation
default is EX-mode [changed!]
* added to [for your sketch] methods
* ButtonReleased(RimokonEvent evt, int rid)
* NunchakuReleased(NunchakuEvent evt, int rid)
* KurekonReleased(KurakonEvent ev, int rid)
* The 6(3+3) [for your sketch] methods now run as a thread.
* Typo correction. senced->sensed, senced is available.


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